USB drive gone mad - post viral!

  chilohm 22:42 20 Jul 2008

USB drive gone mad...
Hi there.

I recently got a trojan on my system which popped up the "Your computer is infected with a dangerous virus" message.

I successfully cleaned this with Spybot, but my external USB drive has now gone mad... If I connect it, I can see it in Device manager, and after a while it appears in Explorer. However, I cannot open it to see any files (it stops explorer from responding). It also slows the rest of my system down when plugged in. If I remove it, all is good.

Any ideas? I've got clean scans from Spybot, PCTools, and registry mechanic. I can't scan the drive as I can't get to it, but my mac (which normally reads the drive with no problems) states that "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer".

HELP please!

Jack Sloan

  tullie 23:03 20 Jul 2008

Can yu not scan all your drives with your anti virus?

  chilohm 23:21 20 Jul 2008

Thanks for your reply. I can scan all drives, but my external hard drive is not properly mounting, so it doesn't recognize it - that's part of my problem...

  chilohm 23:27 20 Jul 2008

I just got an error message when trying to mount the drive again - "There was an I/O error when trying to read the contents"...

  tullie 23:32 20 Jul 2008

Dont now what you mean by Mount,but with a USB its just a case of plugging it in,no doubt someone with the know how will have a better idea.

  woodchip 23:47 20 Jul 2008

When you plug it in Windows Mounts he drive just as Linux does, That how the PC reads it then pops a box up asking what you want to do. looks like the Virus as corrupted the Boot sector on the drive, you may be able to sort it with a Disc tool. Like Seagate Seatools program

If you have a Floppy drive, download the Floppy version click here

  chilohm 08:32 22 Jul 2008

Thanks woodchip. Tried that. It did see the drive, but it just failed every test, so I had no joy with that either! I've taken it in to someone who does data recovery...

  EARLR 11:21 22 Jul 2008

Un-install all USB devices in device mgr. re boot and let windows re-install them.

I Have seen this cure all kinds of ills.

Good Luck

  EARLR 14:52 25 Jul 2008


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