USB drive, can't get it to work. Please help.

  Ineke 12:57 24 Jun 2003

Bought a portable 256Mb USB drive for my husband recently but he can't get it to work. He has installed and uninstalled it several times and though the icon comes up on the desktop, it doesn't do anything. We cannot unplug it either without getting the dreaded blue screen, probably because we can't switch it off. Where have we gone wrong, or did we get a faulty drive? Haven't contacted the dealer yet, thought to ask your help first. (Just in case we missed something very obvious.) Our operating system is Windows Me. Can anyone suggest a solution?

  Magik ®© 13:17 24 Jun 2003

first thing that comes to mind, are the USB ports switched on, there is a setting in the set-up..

  recap 13:17 24 Jun 2003

Shut down the system and plug in the device in to the first USB port (this is once the software is installed,). Start the sytem up again, the device should then be seen by Windows.

In the sys tray there should be an icon for the device, double click the icon and select the stop option. It should then be safe to unplug the drive.

You can also check in Device Manager to check that the USB controllers are working correctly.

  Bodi 13:20 24 Jun 2003

drivers installed? Does it show up in Control Panel/System/Device Manager? If so, does it have a yellow exclamation mark next to it? Is there an error message?

What do you get if you click on the icon using the right mouse button and click properties?

I don't know whether this is of any help - but might jog your memory as to something you've neglected to do?


  Bodi 13:21 24 Jun 2003

I am so slow! Enabling the USB ports in the BIOS is a good idea. - lol


  stlucia 13:46 24 Jun 2003

I have recently purchased one, and it didn't need any software to be installed for Windows ME or later, though it did for Windows 98.

With Windows ME, as recap has said, there should be an icon at the bottom of your screen when you plug the device into the USB port. You should double-click the icon to switch off the device before you unplug it from the USB port. There was a warning on mine that if you don't do this you can damage the device and/or the USB port ...

Have you or your husband got the opportunity to try the device in another PC?

  SEASHANTY 15:19 24 Jun 2003

Presume this is a USB pen drive (the flash memory storage kind). I purchased a 128MB one from SVR Communications for £29-99. Chinese made "Ram Bo". Came with a driver CD for use on Windows98 only. Worked okay immediately on first plug in with an icon appearing in the system tray. As stlucia says - it requires a double click on the icon and a window will appear saying safe to remove drive. So should not need drivers with "Me". Possibly it has a faulty memory card inside. See if anyone will check it in another enabled USB computer.

  woodchip 15:26 24 Jun 2003

Did you load the drivers software before you plugged it in

  SEASHANTY 16:11 24 Jun 2003

Mine says. No special drivers are required for any windows operating system other than windows 98 in which case the drivers must be initially installed before using the disk. So should work okay on "Me". PRECAUTIONS : Deactivate the disk before removing it from the USB port. Its very possible that you have damaged your disk by removing it from the USB port without double clicking its icon (shown in the system tray when you insert the drive into the USB port). Perhaps pulling the drive out without clicking "STOP" after double clicking the drive icon has resulted in the Blue Screen of Death. I'm not brave enough to try this with mine tho' to find out!

  Ineke 19:01 24 Jun 2003

There's an icon on the desktop but not in the sys tray, it never appeared. Haven't had time to try out your suggestions yet, will do so later. In the meantime, keep them (your suggestions) coming please.

  SEASHANTY 08:57 25 Jun 2003

Have Windows XP here but adding new hardware should be the same in "Me". Mine is instant plug & play so I presume yours is also. Windows Manual says when a P&P device is detected it puts up a balloon near the system tray and installs an icon. For devices not detected you may have to install from the "Add New Hardware" in Control Panel.I suppose that a shortcut icon on the Desktop is just as good. Shows it has been detected. Right clicking on "My Computer" and choosing OPEN, shows the USB drive as "Removable drive H. Thats the next letter after my CD-RW drive which is "G". Yours may be different. When USB drive is first inserted its internal LED is constantly lit until initialisation complete then it goes OFF. Transmit/Receive data LED is On. Quiescent LED is Off. Main precaution listed says:-Deactivate the USB Storage disk BEFORE removal from the USB Port. On mine this is done by double clicking the drive ICON in the system tray and then clicking "STOP" on the resultant window which appears. The instructions that came with this device are pretty meagre but you should at least have something similar.

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