USB disk drive true capacity

  Aspman 11:50 08 Feb 2005

Morning all,

I've got a 128Mb Cricial Gizmo high speed usb drive.

I expected that the true capacity of the drive would be lower and the disk utility that is supplied shows 123Mb. Fair enough.

My problem is that I cannot format the disk to hold more than 117Mb. I've checked on several windows systems and a linux machine but the capacity is always seen as 117Mb.

I expected a drop in capacity but not 11Mb. Does any one else have a 128Mb drive that they can compair capacities with me?

Crucial are not being awkward or anything but they seem to think this drop is within normal boundries and I think it's a bit much.


  TomJerry 12:00 08 Feb 2005

I have 116MB on main partition from a Kingston and another 1.44MB in another partition.

By the way, have you got a clever one? Some clever one are partitioned, one area is public zone and another is secure. So you got more than one removeable disks when you insert it. Some of my even have a partition behave as a floppy which is very handy for dos bootup becuas no of my PC has floppy anymore.

  Aspman 13:30 08 Feb 2005

Yes I do have a clever one but I don't have any partitions. I have the option to put a secure partition on the device but I haven't done it.

I get exactly the same as you on a Linux box 117.4Mb. Oh well I should have just dug deeper for 256.

  Sethhaniel 13:36 08 Feb 2005

same con they do with size of screens i,e 17" measures 15 3/4" diagonal etc
My Medion 128 usb 2.0 memory stick shows up as 127.938.560 bytes which translates to 122mb
of which I can get 122mb of files on.
Sometimes when its supposedly empty it shows less than 122MB but think it is that some computers load an operating sys file onto them for them to work.
Its plugged onto this system at moment with mp3 files on showing used 125.715.456 bytes (119MB)
with free space of 2.223.104 bytes (2.12MB)

  Storik 13:39 08 Feb 2005

but both my Maxtor One Touch 120GB and Iomega Desktop 120GB USB drives show 111GB in Windows.

I was surprised that the amount lost was so large, but there you go.


  TomJerry 14:32 08 Feb 2005

120GB should be 120gB

1G=1.024g, 1M=1.024m, 1K=1.024k

for 120gB = 120/1.024/1.024/1.024 = 111GB

soone conned you

  Storik 14:43 08 Feb 2005

Well I was expecting a drop - I know it depends whether the size is estimated in hexadecimal or binary - I think manufacturers' estimate in binary and Windows in hexadecimal - but my internal hard drives don't seem to lose as much.

Never mind eh.


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