USB dialogue box always over my directories

  Paul2008 21:16 27 Jun 2010

Every time insert any USB stick the diague box for the stick is ALWAYS over my Explorere file system, and I have to move it to another part of the screen before I copy file to it.
Any ideas how I can stop this happening so that the dialogue box opens to the right of the screen so I can easily copy and paste with out having to move it!
Windows XP Home

  VoG II 21:41 27 Jun 2010

Move the window to where you want it. File > Close.

  Paul2008 22:02 27 Jun 2010

DIdn't work.
Tried it by moving teh dialogue box and tehn File>close.
Remove hardware.
Inserted again. In the same place.
Attempt 2. Did the above this time with Explorer too.
Opens in the same place on the left of the screen.
Tried a reboot - same thing.

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