USB Devices not working properly.VAIO laptop

  andy999999 18:21 10 May 2013

Hey guys, hope everyone is OK!

Just a bit of a funny one here, and i cant seem to get to the bottom of it!

Purchased a Sony VAIO laptop, model vpceh1s8e b( Black) a year or so ago. Now I do music production, so I have a number of peripherals I NEED to use.

It has 4 USB ports, presumable USB 2.0, configuration; 1xUSB host1 on the left of the laptop, and 3xUSB on host 2 at the right of the laptop. Its the Intel series 6 USB ports.

Until about a week ago, I had my external hard drive(2.5", no power adaptor) going into the 1 usb port on the left. and on the right side;

1)External soundcard (saffire 6 USB) 2)USB Keyboard 3)USB mouse.

Now this past week my Saffire 6 is giving me mass blasts of noise, intermittent. I took it back to a music shop to test, and it turns out that its the USB port I was putting my Saffire into. When I plug in into the left USB port, it operates fine. However, my external hard drive only seems to work on the left port too!

This is a dilemma, as I cant produce music without my soundcard (the internal one on the mobo is too slow, plus I need microphone XLR inputs) but on the flipside, I cant open my projects as all my samples, synthesisers etc are all on my external hard drive.

The keyboard now only seems to work on the 1st right hand side USB port, or the single left one.

I can understand that if im pulling too much power from one hub, it will affect performance. However even when theres just the Ex HDD in there, it still doesnt power up.

Interestingly enough, when i bought the laptop, i immediately formatted the machine, removing all the bloatware Sony put on there. I installed all the chipset drivers and everything OK, never had a problem until I got a virus. I probably formatted the laptop again perhaps 4 months ago, but for some reason I cant get the function keys to work or anything. Tried mutiple times to reinstall drivers, Sony feature services but none of them seem to allow me to use my function keys! I think this could be a symptom of my problem.

When I check the device manager properties of the USB Host controllers, under bandwidth, i have; 20% system reserved. 1% HID compliant mouse, 1% Saffire 6. I think this could be an issue, as my saffire would most certainly use more than 1% of the USB bandwidth, as it can supply 2x 48volts phantom power off a 5v usb port, if it works like that!! It is a USB 1.1 device as far as I'm aware!

Dont really know what it could be, dont want to format my laptop if it can be helped, took an iternity to install everything!!

Anything worth checking guys!?

Thanks a bunch,


  andy999999 18:32 10 May 2013
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 10 May 2013

Probably got some conflicts going on with the ports

In device manager - select show hidden devices - there are probably alot there

usual method of sorting USB ports is to uninstall everything under the heading USB including hidden devices then use a registry cleaner (the only one I recommend is the one built into CCleaner)

reboot the machine let windows reinstall the drivers for the usb hubs then plug your devices in and let windows reinstall the drivers for the devices.

  andy999999 19:25 10 May 2013


Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat, i'll give it a go in the next hour or so!

  andy999999 22:37 10 May 2013

I'm afraid that did not work, i've also tried disabling my onboard sound, deleting the USB Root drivers, and reinstalled the latest chipset drivers from Intel, but to no avail.

Do you think this is more of a hardware problem than a software one?!


Theres a screenshot of the device manager window!

Cheers guys

  andy999999 22:41 10 May 2013

When I install the Intel drivers: Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family * 2nd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) processor family * Date: February 28 2011

I get the below screen shot, but still no joy.

  rdave13 23:42 10 May 2013

it could be a power issue I think although you thought the problem started after a virus infection. I don't like external drives without power but one with two USB connections is better than one without a power brick. CHeck your power options and select the highest.

If that fails, as Device Manager shows no problems, how about buying a powered hub, something like THis

Use in your left USB port and use the transformer supplied. put the sound card and drive in that and the keyboard and mouse in the right hand ports.

Written on a Nexsus 7 and I'm struggling with thumb typing, apologies.

  andy999999 17:55 11 May 2013

Cheers buddy. Bought an adaptor today, -

Gonna give it a go soon as I finish work. If it works then fair enough, ill check my power settings, but im sure I already have done. I'll check to see if I disabled any services that should be running.

Would it be worth trying to manually repair my usb ports on my laptop? Or is that a no go?


  onthelimit1 18:32 11 May 2013

'trying to manually repair my usb ports on my laptop'

I doubt it's a mechanical failure. If it is, changing the ports on a laptop mobo is just about impossible - the soldered connections are so small and close together. I change DC sockets which is just about possible without specialist kit - wouldn't attempt USB ones.

  andy999999 21:02 11 May 2013

Ok so now that ive got the powered usb hub, it works if i use my interface and hdd on that left side port, and my mouse and keyboard on the right, so thanks for the idea rdave13.

Does anyone think it could be a software issue, like that ACPI battery issue microsoft had? Worth a format some point down the line?!

Should have mentioned in my first post, probably the cause. I used to charge my phone using the USB ports, do you think that it could have drawn too much power for too long and just fried the controller?


  rdave13 15:44 12 May 2013

I've had a look again and it might be that the selective USB suspend might not be working correctly. By default it is always enabled. Try disabling it, for now, and see if all your peripherals work OK without the powered Hub. I don't know if it is a good idea running a laptop with this disabled or not as I suspect it will drain the battery faster. If it does work I would still be inclined to have it enabled and use the powered hub but it might show the source of the problem.

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