USB devices freeeze my computer

  Raiden 21:54 10 Mar 2010

Every time I connect most devices to the USB port, the computer freezes and I have to restart it by holding the power button on my desktop computer and turning it on again.

This always happens when I plug in most things like memory sticks or printers. The oddest (and most annoying) thing is when I start my computer with the keyboard and optical mouse plugged in, they work fine, but if I unplug one of them and try to reinsert it, (even into the same port) it freezes the computer like any other device.

Also, my portable hard drive works perfectly when plugged into any of the ports. I've tried the memory sticks and printers on other computers (and a PS3) so, I know it's not them.

I am running XP SP3. I've tried a few things to rectify this problem: Reinstalled the drivers, enabled USB related services, entered Safe Mode, checked the ports for physical damage and disabled some ports to check for power supply problems. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

  Raiden 21:56 10 Mar 2010

Very sorry about the double post. My browser said it couldn't load the page!

  Technotiger 21:59 10 Mar 2010

Better put a Green tick as Resolved, on one of the threads, saves confusion.

  Technotiger 22:01 10 Mar 2010

Possibly a glitch in the Registry, try running Ccleaner, might help.

  Raiden 21:38 11 Mar 2010

I tried CClearner on the registry (several times!) and even did a checkdisk during the boot up, but the problem remains. Any more ideas? I really hope it's not a hardware fault.

  Technotiger 21:42 11 Mar 2010

Are there any Yellow exclamation marks along-side anything in Devices?

  Raiden 22:53 11 Mar 2010

Everything is working perfectly according to Device Manager.

  Raiden 20:38 15 Mar 2010

So is there any thing else I could try? This is a wild shot, but could it have something to do with any malfunctioning electrolytic capacitors?

  Technotiger 21:03 15 Mar 2010

but if I unplug one of them and try to reinsert it ...

If you did this without closing down/switching off first, then yes the PC would freeze - those items are not normally 'hot-swappable'. So this could be the root of your problem.

  Raiden 21:09 15 Mar 2010

But plug and play is an active service on the computer.

  Technotiger 21:30 15 Mar 2010

As it is, on just about all computers - but not all peripherals are plug & play! Serious damage can be done if used incorrectly!

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