USB devices are making my PC to freeze.

  PC_Qs 18:42 30 Aug 2007

My Windows XP pC is working fine except for when i insert a device with a USB connecter. I have USB ports on both at back and front of my PC.

My Printer is connect to the PC using a USB connector and when i turn on my printer it freezes. This is the same as when i insert my USE memory stick. I have tried many things such as ran AV, spyware/adware programs including in safe mode but it still does not work and causes my PC to crash:(

Please can any help? How you experience this same problem? I can no longer use my usb memory stick and printer anymore. My broadband is connected using a USB and it is still working but i do not want to un-plug it becuase it might crash if i plug it back in.

Please HELP!!!

  johnnyrocker 18:46 30 Aug 2007

how much memory do you have? i think you might get round the issue using a mains powered hub, unless anyone knows better.


  PC_Qs 18:50 30 Aug 2007

My PC specs are kinda good. 1GB RAM, 200GB HD nad 70% free space. I have ran WINDOWS update but still no luck.

  [email protected] 18:53 30 Aug 2007

click here
try Fruitbats uninstall everything usb post

  PC_Qs 18:59 30 Aug 2007

I have gone into device manager and uninstall the USB ports but this still did not help. When i rebooted my PC it just picks them up again but when i insert for example my USB memory stick it freezes and i have to do a manual restart.

  [email protected] 19:06 30 Aug 2007

try usb uninstall in safe mode (if you havent already),follow the link
click here

  PC_Qs 18:20 17 Sep 2007

I have tried the link in safe mode - click here.

But still no luck. Please surely someone much have a solid solution/fix for this particular problem. If the worse comes to the worse i think i will have to re-install my OS:(

  thms 18:46 17 Sep 2007

Are you using the ones at the front. If so try the ones at the back of your computer.

If this works try connecting a powered usb hub to the usb connector at the back of your computer and connect your devices to that.

  PC_Qs 18:50 17 Sep 2007

My printer is connected from the back of the PC and when i insert my USB memory stick at the front it crashed also.. I have tried swaping over the connector but still no luck:(

  thms 19:12 17 Sep 2007

Looks like you are not alone click here=

  [email protected] 19:20 17 Sep 2007

try shutting down pc,remove power cable,leave for 20-30mins and then retry.

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