USB device unknown

  [DELETED] 15:54 14 Oct 2003

My new external hard disk is not recognised by the USB, I am on WIndows XP +SP1 and all drivers needed installed.
I am quite confident it is a software problem, the hard disk works on other comps and the USB are fine working with other things
help please!

  [DELETED] 18:27 14 Oct 2003

anyone knows the answer?

  [DELETED] 19:05 14 Oct 2003

When you have the HDD plugged in go into "control panel" "performance and maintenance" "administrative tools" "computer management" A window will open, in the left hand pane click "disc management" In the right hand pane you should see any storage device connected to your PC, fixed HDD, removable HDD etc. Is it shown?
Did you install the drivers yourself or did you let XP detect it and install the drivers itself? Generally XP and ME need no seperate drivers to run a removable drive. If you installed the drivers yourself it might pay to uninstall them, reboot the PC and then reconnect the HDD and see if windows will pick it up automatically.


  [DELETED] 19:27 14 Oct 2003

As I said the the hard disk does not show because Windows says "USB device not recognised" in other words, Windows does not detect anything on the USB.
The drivers are fine because the disk was working fine two days ago.
Possible cause of "USB device not recognised"?

  [DELETED] 20:03 14 Oct 2003

Can you clarify a little. Did the external HD work on your computer ever? If you plug "other things" in the USB, what are they, and is it the SAME port(s)? Is it USB1 or USB2? Is the USB a standalone PCI, or part of the mobo?

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