usb device problem

  flu 10:23 25 Oct 2004

I have a Firelite portable disk which is a usb 2.0 device. Lately I've been unable to connect to my PC which has a 1.1 connection. It keeps prompting that ' a usb 2.0 device has been connected to a slower connection etc..' but doesn't go on say you can use the device now. The PC doesn't recognise the device at all. It used to work fine so I don't understand why this has happened. I'd appreciate any suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance.

  temp003 13:29 25 Oct 2004

Go to Device Manager, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Right click the first entry there (called something like usb host controller), and select Properties, Advanced tab. See if there is a box saying "Don't tell me about USB errors". If so, tick it, click OK.

This may not solve your problem, since you say the error message doesn't go on to say, ignore it and use the device anyway. But try this first.

  flu 13:43 25 Oct 2004

I left out that the device is not recognised in Windows explorer and I'm not able to use it.
Still, the option to remove the error message is useful. Thanks.

  olicla 14:13 25 Oct 2004

external boxes for hard drives or cd/dvd readers/writers are prone to failure ,try on another computer withan Xp op sys. speaking from experience of 4 failed devices

  flu 09:27 26 Oct 2004

problem solved. it was actually a power supply problem. I am now using the provided auxillary cable to draw power from ps/2 connection. thanks.

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