pgj 16:43 05 Jan 2008

Hello all.

I'm posing this question on behalf of a shy friend.

On the back of her PC she has 4 USB ports. one is used for her printer, another for her broadband modem and a third has an extension USB cable in it and is used for connecting flash pens, phones, ipod etc...

This setup has been working fine for 18 months or so, However, at Christmas when trying to use the extension with a flash pen the pc crashed the second the pen was plugged in. To get the system to fire-up again she has to switch the pc off and on at the back and then reboot - obviousley with out the offending item plugged in. The same happens with her ipod and both her mobile phones. she has tried a different extension cable, plugged direct into the back of the PC (not using an extension cable) and plugging into other USB ports on the back of the PC. No matter what, every time one of these items is plugged in the system crashes. There seems to be no problem with the printer or modem.

she runs XP Pro with service pk2 if that helps?

Any ideas anyone?

Gemma (pgj)

  Forum Editor 17:39 05 Jan 2008

get your shy friend to do a Windows XP system restore. There's a chance - just a chance - that this will fix the problem. If it doesn't, come back and we'll try something else.

  pgj 18:20 05 Jan 2008

She did restore the stystem using 'Norton Goback' the first time the problem occured but it did not resolve the issue.
Neither of us know how to do an XP system restore and as the problem is now about 5 weeks old would she find a suitable restore point?
sorry to sound so blond...

  fishface113 22:19 05 Jan 2008

This may solve it, but who knows eh!

Go to the hardware manager and uninstall all of the usb ports. Restart the machine. This should reinstall the port drivers automatically.
Cant imagine what else really.

Good hunting!

  brundle 23:07 05 Jan 2008

Download DriveCleanup from here; click here

Removes USB device/drive info from the registry so the info can be refreshed when devices are next plugged in. Reboot after use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:42 06 Jan 2008
  pgj 16:45 31 Jan 2008

RE: Fishface113 Uninstalling and reinstalling USB hubs

Firstly sorry it has taken me so long to get round to this.

Have had a look for hardware manager, but have drawn a blank. I might sound really thick but any ideas where i look? I have looked in systems, found hardware tab and then device manager. In the list of devices there are 6 usb devices listed; 3 root hubs and 2 host controllersand 1 enhanced controller. Could you tell me if i am on the right track and if so, do i uninstall all of these, if not which ones do i uninstall?

Sorry if i sound totally blond about this,

Cheers Gemma

  fishface113 19:57 31 Jan 2008

Uninstall the host controllers and restart the machine


  pgj 22:31 31 Jan 2008

Ok, have done the uninstalling and reinstalling USB hubs. However, this has not solved the problem. As soon as we plugged in her ipod the system just switched off as if we had pulled the plug out the wall and we had to boot up the system again.

Once booted there was no sign that anything had gone wrong but as soon as we plugged in a usb flash drive again the system switched off.

If it was not for the fact she can still use her printer and broadband modem on USB, I'd think the mother board might be playing up. The printer has a card reader on it and that appears to work without trouble.

Any ideas?


  pgj 22:48 31 Jan 2008

Sorry forgot to add we have also tried the drive cleanup but that has not solved the problem either.

  fishface113 20:44 01 Feb 2008

Lets assume all is ok with your PC. Try another computer and see if that crashes as well. Then you may have a faulty player!

If that does not work then we do have a mystery on our hands dont we.

It could be power. That is to say printers etc draw no power from the pc, just communications. Flash drives etc ask for power. This may be the issue. The only way to be certain is to install a powered hub and see if that will work. This is a more common issue than you realise, and can manifest itself in all sorts of ways. This is really worth a try if all else fails.
I had this problem (without the crashes) even with a 600 watt power supply, so dont assume you have enough power in your pc to power many usb devices cos you dont, honestly.

Rgis is all I can suggest at this time.

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