USB Data Storage Device Problem

  Duff Drinker 18:07 20 Feb 2005

I have a Kingston Data Traveller 512 MB data storage device which is about 3 months old.

It had been working fine until it suddenly decided it would not let me write files to it.

I copied all the stuff onto my hard drive & decided to reformat the USB device.

Trying to format from within Windows XP appeared to be going OK when the message 'device is write protected cannot complete format' appeared.

So drop into DOS and enter format f:/fs:fat32 and then the error message
'cannot format this volume is write protected' appears

As far as I am aware this USB device cannot be write protected.

If I'm wrong how do I get the thing to format ?

  Totally-braindead 18:12 20 Feb 2005

You didn't password protect it did you? Looking about it seems that is one of the options to secure your data

  Totally-braindead 18:17 20 Feb 2005

Looking at the manufacturers website theres a lock on it "click here you haven't put it on have you?

  Diemmess 18:18 20 Feb 2005

How about a tiny switch on the side of the pen drive.
If you have unknowingly moved the switch, try sliding it the other way!

  Totally-braindead 20:31 20 Feb 2005

Well is it the lock? Or something else?

  Duff Drinker 08:55 21 Feb 2005

No lock on my device - website says there isn't one either for this model.

DataTraveler 2.0 Full Speed

Thanks for the link - I'll try their e-mail help & see if they have any ideas.

I've a horrible feeling it's knackered.

  wx622 09:10 21 Feb 2005

I think you may have more luck formatting the drive with FAT16- I do not think these drives support FAT32. Maybe...?

  wx622 09:17 21 Feb 2005

I have a Kingston DataTraveller Elite, and it is about a month old- no problems, but you could try the format utility for this model to use on your flash drive. I can not see why this would not work on your drive:
click here

NB: Remember, when formatting, untick the "Create Startup Disk" box, if not required.

  Duff Drinker 10:37 21 Feb 2005


I tried FAT 16 - same problem.

I'll have a go at making it bootable this evening (at work now !!)

  Duff Drinker 15:52 22 Feb 2005

Contacted Kingston Technical Query site last night.

Got response this morning that unit is defective & if I return it to either my supplier or to them they will replace F.O.C.

Thanks guys for the help.

  Duff Drinker 14:29 09 Mar 2005

Just an update to say that I had to wait about a week for a 'returns' number to be e-mailed to me.

Sent off item last Friday by normal post & replacement unit delivered by Fedex following Tuesday.

Excellent customer service - was kept informed by personal e-mails from Kingston throughout.

Some other companies could learn how to do Customer Service from these guys - but then again the parent company is American so I should not be surprised.

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