usb current overload

  harps1h 08:32 20 Oct 2007

when i switched on my computer this morning i got the above message after the POST screen, followed by the computer will shut down on 20 seconds. i tried removing all the USB at the back but the message reappeared when the computer restarted. i have a cooler master stacker case (original type) with the built in panel at the top for USB, mike, etc. when i disconnected the panels usb from the motherboard the computer restarted fine. are there any thoughts? i have not reconnectted it yet and thought i would see what the opinions would be



  crosstrainer 08:39 20 Oct 2007

A Wavemaster coolermaster case similar if not the same as yours. I have plugged cameras, external hdd's etc etc into the top panel and never had a problem. I also have four usb ports on the rear of the machine which I also use regularly.

I wonder if you might have a faulty cable...(the one that connects the usb, firewire and sound to the flip up panel at the top?

  crosstrainer 08:45 20 Oct 2007

Worth opening the case, and checking that all the connections are seated tightly. Unplug each one in turn and re-seat it.

USB does have a limited amount of bandwith, and it is possible that your PSU is not delivering enough power to connect multiple devices.

  harps1h 18:40 20 Oct 2007

I had another look this evening and re-connected the two leads (each is coloured differently)that connect the front panel to the motherboard, and got the same message. however the when i connected the blue one to its port the same error message came up but when connected the red lead into the same port it worked ok. So it makes me think that a problem has developed through the blue connector, though all was fine when i switched off last night.
any more thoughts?


  harps1h 18:42 20 Oct 2007

I should add that i have this board for about three months. I need to try to be clear that is a case problem and not a motherboard or PSU problem

  DieSse 19:56 20 Oct 2007

If you only get the message when one particular lead is connected - and the other lead is fine on either connector - then clearly the problem is not on the motherboard or PSU, but is on the lead - case side. Probably something has shorted out.

  crosstrainer 08:00 21 Oct 2007

The lead to me, they are delicate.

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