USB Controller Problems After An Crash

  DiabloAwesome 09:55 02 Feb 2019

My computer recently crashed while I was playing Yakuza 0 with a USB controller. A reset was required, but when the PC returned no gamepad command is recognized by the computer.

First I thought the controler was faulty, but I tested it on another PC and the controler works fine. Afterwards I thought it might be the USB port, but on testing it showed no defects. Finally the drives, which I uninstalled and reinstalled. But no results.

Now I've noticed that the in "Devices and Printers" clearly shows that the controler is detected by Windows. But when you see in "Set Up USB Game Controllers" nothing appears.

click here image of what I'm talking about. I have no idea how to fix this. I would try to restore the system, but it does not have a restore point that precedes the error. I'm suspecting that some drive that I might've missed is causing this problem or the configuration tool has corrupted in some way ... But I'm not sure.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:18 02 Feb 2019

As it is only showing up as a generic joystick you need to load the driers for it.

  DiabloAwesome 11:27 02 Feb 2019

I tried to mess with the drivers for hours. And it wasn't what it started, all the problems start immediately after the crash, the driver messing came later

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 02 Feb 2019

Unplug it.

Try using USBdeview (free) to uninstall it, then reconnect and reinstall the drivers.

USBdeview will remove driver info from the registry that may be causing a conflict.

  DiabloAwesome 13:55 02 Feb 2019

Tried that, still nothing. The more time pass, the more I'm starting to think it's Windows fault.

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