USB connectors

  HKspike 05:23 05 Apr 2003

Just rebuilt my PC into a new box, which has all gone very smoothly except...
I can't get the extra USB ports on the front to work. The old box had 2 plugs, one 5 pin (VCC, D1-, D1+, NC, GND) and one 4 pin (VCC, D0-, D0+, GND); the new one has 2 pairs of plugs split into a combined 3 pin (VCC, D-, D+) and GND. The motherboard (2themax) has no clues etched on it. I think I've tried most logical combination to match the previous setup but nada. All other USB ports and hub on a PCI card are all ops normal.
Now that can't be difficult, can it!
Any clues? Thanks, Andy

  DieSse 12:03 05 Apr 2003

The only clue you will get will be to look at the motherboard manual - there are a number of different layouts for the header on the board. If you don't have a manual, there will probably be one on the web - if you can't find one, ask again with the exact model number and maked of the motherboard, and someone will help.

  HKspike 12:17 05 Apr 2003

Now if I could just remember where I put the manual....
The make is 2theMax and the model is EP-4BDA. The maker's web site is not a great example of web clarity. Tried to finesse a search thru Google but nada.
Wonder if somebody else a 4 pin setup and can just describe it; I guess there are only so many combo so maybe I'll just do it by trial and error. Yuck!
Thanks for the thought.

  flecc 13:06 05 Apr 2003

With the usual 10 pin double row USB connector on the board, the two rows frequently have reversed symmetry meaning it's ok whichever way you plug in a single 10 way connector. The correct connections are, looking at the motherboard with the two rows horizontal. The fourth pin in each case is a second earth connector, so for a 4 way, ignore pins 4 and 7 in the following:-

TOP ROW, left to right, Pins 2,4,6,8,10

BOTTOM ROW, left to right, Pins 1,3,5,7,9

What the pins do:-

Pins 1 & 10 = 5v

Pins 3 & 8 = USB- (neg)

Pins 5 & 6 = USB+ (pos)

Pins 2,4,7,9 are ground (earth and screens)

This is the most common case and has always worked for me so far.

  HKspike 13:32 05 Apr 2003

Now that's the sort of answer that cheers my heart. Dead easy when you know how, eh?
Thanks, "flecc", owe you a beer!

  flecc 13:47 05 Apr 2003

Pleasure Andy.

  DieSse 14:38 05 Apr 2003

flecc may well be correct, but I still caution you that this is not the only layout - I actually use boards that are differently wired. So the only sure way is a manual - You need to be particularly careful theat some headers have the +5 and GND the opposite ways round on each row - some the same way round. If you get it wrong you could damage things - so make sure you check in a manual first.

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