USB Connectors

  fimofly 16:17 03 Dec 2005

My new motherboard appears incompatible with the usb connectors that connect the usb ports in the front of the maching with the motherboard.

The connector pins on the board are marked VCC, d0- Do+ GND NC and on the opposite side VCC, D1+, D1-, GND, NC. Two issues, there are six pins and I have only four connectors. The connectors are marked port+, port-. +, -. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  PaulB2005 16:23 03 Dec 2005

Take a deep breath and click here

  PaulB2005 16:24 03 Dec 2005
  ade.h 16:30 03 Dec 2005

Also look carefully at the pin arrangement as described in your motherboard manual. Work out carefully what each wire represents in relation to the motherboard pin order. Follow carefully the advice that PaulB has given you and make absolutely certain that you know what each of the case wires does. This is often the hardest part as they are usally only colour-coded rather than labelled. Label them once you've found that out.

What's your case brand/model, by the way?

  fimofly 16:43 03 Dec 2005

Not sure re make of the case. Its my sons he bought it from a computer fair. As I say the motherboard (Winfast 760gxk8mc)has two connectors for two front usb ports. The connectors are exactly the same they have a double row of four pins. The m'board manual gives the pins names that dont tally up with the ones on the case. I am also concerned that there arent as many connectors on the case as on the m'board.

  PaulB2005 16:54 03 Dec 2005

Don't worry about the marking and the number of pins. The marking are sometimes different but using those pages you can work out what each one should be.

  TonyAA 16:56 03 Dec 2005

You have headers for 2 usb ports on your motherboard so you only need to use one set.Vcc on mobo goes to +,D1+ on mobo goes to port+,D1- on mobo goes to port- and GND on mobo goes to -.Other pins on mobo are sometimes used for shielding.

  ade.h 17:46 03 Dec 2005

When you test it, use something fairly expendable such as an unwanted USB mouse, in case you have accidentally placed the voltage wires the wrong way around. I have read that getting these in the wrong place can sometimes do damage to equipment. It's wise to be cautious with these things.

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