USB connections on motherboard

  jessej 15:27 12 Aug 2004

I think this may be one for the hardware techies.
My motherboard is an SUS A7V8X-MX, currently fitted in a case that is a little small for it. The USB Header on the board has connections marked as follows:
USB+5v USB+5v
Grnd Grnd

I have bought a bigger case that has two USB ports on the front, however the cables have different markings. They are:
1 +D
2 +D
1 -D
2 -D
1 +5v
2 +5v
1 Ground
2 Ground

Can anybody tell me how to connect these up please?

  cga 15:53 12 Aug 2004

I am pretty sure I am right on this but it would be good to wait for confirmation.

USB+5v > 1 +5v

USB+5v > 2 +5v

USB_P5- > 1 -D

USB_P5+ > 1 +D

USB_P6- > 2 -D

USB_P6+ > 2 +D

grnd > 1 Ground

grnd > 2 Ground

Hope this helps

  Gongoozler 16:28 12 Aug 2004

The IMPORTANT thing to get right is USB +5V connects to a +5V pin, and Ground connects to Ground or 0V. Get these wrong and something is likely to be damaged. -D goes to P5 or P6 -, and +D goes to P5 or P6 -, but if these are wrong no harm will be done. On your motherboard, there are back panel USB connectors, probably USB 1 to 4. Therefore the next 2 are 5 and 6, but as far as the front panel is concerned they are P1 and P2, hence the confusion, and cga is correct in the interpretation.

  cga 16:49 12 Aug 2004

Absolutely - good warning. It was the signalling (P5/P6) that I was only 99% sure about.

  jessej 08:30 13 Aug 2004

Very many thanks for your help, I knew I could rely on somebody to come up with the answer.
Thanks again.

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