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  Garb 16:56 07 Aug 2003

Just upgraded by motherboard to an Abit IS7 with a 2.8 P4. Original hard drive (running windows XP) would not boot up past the option of running in safe mode etc. under the new configuration. An older hard drive with Win 98 SE did boot up first time OK.
Just put that in for info, as an earlier thread warned me this might happen.
Problem seems to be that on shutdown, the PC switches off with software, but the USB connections (Epson 2400 Perfection scanner, Digital camera card reader and broadband modem all show their indicator lights on until I shut off the power switch at the back of the PSU. Didn't remember this happening with my older Abit P3 mobo. Is this normal and a result of the extra power supply with the P4 boards?(4pin power connector to mobo)


  John-259217 19:00 07 Aug 2003

I can`t solve your problem but I`ve noticed the same on a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo 600 system. This particular one has a Gigabyte mobo fitted and, like your Abit, power remains at the usb connections.

Another Scaleo 600 with an MSI mobo shuts of the usb ports and equipment with no problems.

As the mobo requires power to enable Wake on Lan, Wake on Ring, Timer start-up etc, I checked the BIOS to ensure these were all disabled. It made no difference on the Gigabyte but could be worth checking on yours just in case.

  Garb 08:34 08 Aug 2003

Yes, have disabled the wake on Lan etc, thanks.
Intersetingly also had a problem with the system rebooting on shutdown. This appears to be caused by my Lexar card reader which when disconnected from USB port resolved the issue. Just hope Lexar have a workaround.

  xania 10:36 08 Aug 2003


When you replaced your mobo, did you re-install your OS - if not expect whatever problems you get. Although some inbstallations can just about cope with a new mobo, most will throw up some sort of problem. I suggest you re-install XP, which will then ensure that you install the correct drivers, settings etc appropriate to your new mobo and see what happens then.

  Garb 11:33 08 Aug 2003

Yes did format my hard drive and reinstalled Win XP. Couldn't get the original OS to boot up, having been told in an earlier thread that this might be a problem. All USB controllers appear OK in System hardware.


  John-259217 15:04 08 Aug 2003

Ok, I think now would be a good time to get in touch with Abit`s customer support.

Ask them if the board is intended to behave in this way or if there is a system shutdown instruction that windows is failing to give.

I think its unlikely however as I think the motherboard itself must ultimately control which channels remain supplied with power when the operating system shuts down.

Even the various power saving modes have more to do with preserving the o/s enviroment than completely shuting off the system (having said that my MSI powers of its usb`s in both standby and hibernate).

In all systems (to the best of my knowledge) power remains to the PCI slots when the computer is shut down (one reason its essential to remove power from it when swapping a card)- you just are`nt aware of it as the cards tend not to have lights.

Good luck

  Garb 08:55 10 Aug 2003

Have tried without success to sign up to the Abit discussion forum. In 2 days haven't received the account activation e-mail. Tried to contact their support by e-mail, but just get an auomated response saying if I didn't get this e-mail they probably haven't received mine, which is rather obvious I suppose.
So anyone out there any further ideas as to why my USB connections stay energised when the PC shuts down?

  John-259217 15:16 10 Aug 2003

You`ve probably already seen this on the Abit site but just in case you have`nt, there may be a clue here click here its all I could find even remotely addressing your query.

  Garb 20:02 10 Aug 2003

Have looked at the link and am already selected in hardware/usb root hub/properties/ to allow the software to shut the USB connection down. Tried the other advice in the link to no effect.
Really annoyed about the Abit link as it won't allow me to sign up for the forum again as it says only one registration per e-mail address, and although I can log in I am unable to post any threads as I have not received the activation e-mail from them.

  Garb 09:59 11 Aug 2003

Eventually found Abit UK tech support e-mail and problem resolved within 15 minutes. Nice to know that UK support is bettr than US.

My mistake was leaving the jumpers to the USB wake up function set to the dafault of disabled. I had thought that to enable the wake up function via USB would have kept the power on. The reverse in fact is true, so changing the jumper settings to enable wake-up function support now leaves the power off when the PC shuts down.


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