USB connection on motherboard

  Newby 07:51 04 Feb 2003

I have a TMC motherboard A15TT V1.2 and the sketch on page 23 of the instruction manual shows connectors "J6,J7: USB connectors"
As follows:-
J6 Pin# |J7 Pin# |Signal name |
1 | 1 | Vcc |
2 | 2 | USB- |
3 | 3 | USB+ |
4 | 4 | Ground |

The J7 pin 1 is a blank.
I am assuming that this connection will take a USB to which I can have Broadband connected. I have emailed Simply computers for information regarding both it's usage and for a connecting cable and USB port and am awiating a reply. (The phone takes forever). In the past I have found Simply very helpful but, in the meantime, I thought you guys would have some ideas. I had thought of a Belkinn 2 or 4 port PCI card but I don't need all those additional ports on the computer and, it seems a shame to wastew an existing connection. What do you think? Particularly - where can I get a connecting cable and, what is it's correct name. Thank you.

  fishmad pete 09:37 04 Feb 2003

Hi, Belkinn manufactures a connection lead for this type of connection in the computer it is called "USB pro series motherboard cable".

It is fitted into the back of your PC it does however takes up one of your expansion slot sites.
I took the moulded connector of their plate and fitted it to the front of my PC to provide a front socket.
Visit the Belkin site at click here and select "manuals and drivers" at the top of the page, then select USB then select Pro series motherboard. This manual gives you the most common computer configurations. There are cheaper versions of this cable around and you should be able to pick up one at your local computer store.

  Newby 10:22 04 Feb 2003

fishmad pete
Thank you Pete for the information. I have printed off the Belkin Manual. On my Motherboard the nearest example is "A". However the 5v pin shown on the right (which is J7 Pin 1 on my motherboard is shown as a blank. I have just rung Maplin and the guy there says they have a connecting assembly in stock at £9.99, so I'm going down now to see it. It may not be a Belkin and, it might be a slightly different pin assembly - I'll soon find out. The main thing is that the colour coding in the Belkin manual is very, very useful. Thank you again, and I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers.

  woodchip 10:47 04 Feb 2003

You can get a bracket USB from any computer shop cheap. The connectors go red wire to pin 1 white pin 2 green pin 3 black pin 4 and 5 if there are only four pins in each row that's ok as you can connect from pin 5 to 8 just as the others above red pin 5 to black pin 8

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