USB Connection Help Needed

  SABRE 11:02 27 Apr 2005

I am just finishing my first upgrade attempt but am having difficulty with the case USB leads connecting to the mboard.

The mboard (Foxconn)connections show:

D4- D0-
D4+ D0+
Empty GND

The USB connectors are GND, -D, +D and +5v. Can someone please tell me where to stick 'em? Can I use either GND connection for the GND connector?

  Catastrophe 12:34 27 Apr 2005

Have you not got 9 pins, one row of 4 and one row of 5?

  SABRE 12:41 27 Apr 2005

Yes 9 pins. Row 1 is VCC, D-, D+, GND, Empty.

Row 2 is VCC, D-, D+, GND, GND.

It seems fairly obvious where the D-, D+ & GND USB connectors go but what about the +5v? Can the ground connector go on any ground pin?

Thanks for your interest!

  Catastrophe 07:12 28 Apr 2005

I am no expert on this. All I know is that when I fitted a USB multi-card reader there were 5 pins in one row and 4 parallel. It would only fit one way. I believe the same thing applies to adding extra USB ports.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable will be able to comment.

  Catastrophe 07:16 28 Apr 2005

I assume we are talking about something like this:

click here

  Catastrophe 07:20 28 Apr 2005

This should be larger:

click here

  Catastrophe 07:47 28 Apr 2005

There is quite a lot like this:

click here

if you Google usb connection motherboard

or similar.

  Catastrophe 07:54 28 Apr 2005

Looks like there is not much standardisation. You may need to check your mobo manual.

click here

  SABRE 09:54 28 Apr 2005

This link solved my problem.

click here

Really much appreciated.


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