USB connection on A7V-ML Main Board

  neko 18:55 17 Apr 2004

Hey all

I have just put a A7V-ML motherboard in a new case. I need to connect the front USB ports to the board.
The case has the usual wires vcc1,data-1,data+1 and grd 1 and then a second set with a 2 instead of the 1.
The motherboard layout is two rows of five like this.

** ***
** ***
I can't find the boards manual and there is nothing on the board to indicate what is what. I tried vcc1 data- data+ and gnd in that order starting from the right hand pin but I think I have fried a 128mb pen drive DOH!. Needless to say I now want to get this right. Anyone got this board or know what I should be doing?
Thx in advance.

  Rayuk 20:05 17 Apr 2004

Different variants of A7V boards can you be more precise.If you have a look between the pci slots there may be more info.

  neko 20:23 17 Apr 2004


It says A7V-ML Rev.1..07.

Hope that helps.

  Gongoozler 20:27 17 Apr 2004

Hi neko, as far as I can tell, this is a variant of the ASUS A7V made specially for the HP Pavillion. If I'm right you won't find a manual for it other than that supplied by HP. However it is probable that the USB header pin configuration is the same as for other ASUS motherboards of the same era. Working down the row Pin 1 is +5V, the next pin is data-, the next is data+ and the next is GND. Ther row alongside is the same for a second USB port. The missing pin is next to the GND pin, and the pin alongside in the other row is not connected.

For connecting to the external USB port, it is vital to get the +5V to the correct pin. The GND goes to the opposite end of the connector. The data+ and data- will not cause any damage if they are reversed, and I think the system may even still work.

  neko 20:36 17 Apr 2004

Thanks Gongoozler

Part of my problem is I don't know which is pin1.
Strangely there is no indication on the MB.
I presumed it was the pin on the far right side at the end of the group of three.

  neko 20:41 17 Apr 2004

Unfortunatley I have to go out. The wife is now screaming at me.
I am a bit nervous about getting the +5v wrong so I need to be sure which is pin1. As I said earlier I plugged in a pen drive and it smoked.

Thx for the help so far

  Gongoozler 21:00 17 Apr 2004

Hi neko, on my ASUS board pin 1 is the opposite end to the blank one.

  Gongoozler 21:04 17 Apr 2004

I think the A7V-M manual may be right in most respects click here

  Gongoozler 21:13 17 Apr 2004

This site has a diagram of the usb port pinout, it is near the bottom of the page click here.

Be careful if you try to measure the voltages on the pins, it is very easy to short them to the metal connector shell. When I measure them, I slip a piece of paper between the pins and the shell to stop my multimeter probe touching the shell. Shorting the usb +5V to ground can damage the usb driver chip on the motherboard. We can only hope that getting the connections to your pen drive wrong hasn't done the same thing.

  Gongoozler 09:53 18 Apr 2004

I've downloaded the manual for the A7V-M, and the USB header pinout is the same as for my A7V8X-X, so I think we can be confident that ASUS keep to the same pinout for all their motherboards. This makes sense as otherwise there would be problems with their peripherals.

The pinout is (and I hope I can retain the formatting):

5V : data1- : data1+ : GND : no connection

5V : data2- : data2+ : GND : no pin

  neko 13:23 18 Apr 2004

Hi again

Thnx for all the info.

I have just tried this:-

** *** (pins layout)

No connection, Gnd, (space), data+, data-, Vcc

There was no luck.

I am fairly inexperienced with a multimeter but when I put the red probe on any pin and the black probe on what I believe to be the earth I get 4.9v for all of them.

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