USB Charger vs USB Power Supply??

  Techie; 04:00 06 Jan 2018

Hi guys

Does anyone know the difference (if there is one) between a USB charger and a USB power supply?

The reason I ask is because the power supply to my Wi-Fi cctv camera has just stopped working.

I looked at the plug and it output is 5v 1A. I've go a usb charger from an old phone with the same rating and it's working perfectly.

The only thing that's got me a bit worried is if there is a difference between the two as I want to make sure it's safe to have the old charger plugged in all the time and in constant use.

  BRYNIT 09:34 06 Jan 2018

Both are the same, it's just one has a detachable USB cable. As long as it supplying the same voltage and enough amps for the device you shouldn't have any problems. Even a 5V 2A USB charger will work as the WiFi cctv will only use 5V 1A.

  Techie; 05:36 07 Jan 2018

Thank you :)

I thought that maybe the usb power supply was deigned to be plugged in all the time where as the usb charger was meant to only be in use for short periods of time .

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