USB Card Reader

  Stoneywood 17:05 09 Jul 2008

Bought a Signalex SD/MMC Card Reader in Poundland this morning.
Works OK in Wife's XP laptop, but I cannot find a driver for Win98SE.
Anyone know where I can download one?

  iscanut 17:09 09 Jul 2008

I am sure someone will correct me if wrong, but you may have trouble with USB & Reader with Win98 and may have to give up the idea.

  crosstrainer 17:15 09 Jul 2008

USB and Win98...A no no I'm afraid. The support was flaky throughout it's life, and if the device can't be found, no drivers are being written for 98 now.

  Stoneywood 17:21 09 Jul 2008

It is my understanding that the Second Edition supports USB.
I have a USB Printer works OK.
Also camera downloads and a card reader on an external hard drive which is flakey, but works.

  crosstrainer 17:24 09 Jul 2008

It will support SOME usb devices, but was never reliable. Since your kit is brand new, the manufacturer would not have written specific drivers for it, as XP and Vista are equipped with drivers built into the OS itself.

  Stoneywood 17:28 09 Jul 2008

Looks like I've wasted a pound then!

  ened 17:33 09 Jul 2008

Sell it to someone for TWO pounds!

100% profit

  crosstrainer 17:33 09 Jul 2008

This is a long shot, but it's possible that USB is disabled in your BIOS.

1) Re-boot the PC and tap the DEL key whilst it boots.

2) You should now see your BIOS setup screen.

3) Scroll through the menus until you find the USB item (if it's there(

4) if disabled, change to enabled.

That's about it for suggestions, at least it works in your wife's lappy, you could get the £ back from her!

  Stoneywood 17:37 09 Jul 2008

> at least it works in your wife's lappy, you could get the £ back from her!<

The words blood and stone come to mind.

I'll just have to give up drink for a few weeks.

  Stoneywood 17:43 09 Jul 2008

Seriously though.
The device is recognised and I am asked for a driver location.
Unfortunately, Signalex, the maker, don't even have a web site.

  crosstrainer 17:45 09 Jul 2008

That's the problem, it's all "Out of the box" with USB stuff now....You could upgrade to XP :)

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