usb can you plug things in and out while pc is on

  User-5D69CF2D-B39A-4FC8-B454A0EF59E9F181 15:15 15 Oct 2003

like a memory stick or camera cable

  mark500 15:24 15 Oct 2003

Yes but only USB.

  graham√ 15:26 15 Oct 2003

I'm with the 'no' vote on this.

thanks Mark500

thats torn it

I've been plugging things in and out of my USB hub for a couple of years now without any problems, so I would say "yes"

why the 'no' graham

  Djohn 15:30 15 Oct 2003

Yes, I do it all the time, especially with my camera. This is one of the advertised advantages of USB. j.

say its the front usb on case goldeneagle or is it all the same

  Djohn 15:32 15 Oct 2003

All the same. Any of your USB hardware to/from your PC.

As far as I'm aware it shouldn't make any difference where the USB port is situated.

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