USB caddy required

  Graham. 19:54 24 Mar 2009

My old XP PC has some pictures I need. I intend to put the old hard drive in an external caddy. I assume it is a PATA as it has those wide connectors.

I can't seem to find the right thing for the job, so any help appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 20:08 24 Mar 2009

click here


  woodchip 20:14 24 Mar 2009
  woodchip 20:15 24 Mar 2009

This for a External USB Hard Drive click here

  Graham. 23:14 24 Mar 2009

Nothing definite then. I was hoping to go out tomorrow and buy one.

  woodchip 23:22 24 Mar 2009

You may get one at Maplins but not a cheap one

  Graham. 23:25 24 Mar 2009

Thanks, I'll hop across their threshold at Hillsborough tomorrow.

  woodchip 23:28 24 Mar 2009

If thats where you are there is a Computer shop on Penistone Road near to the football ground, at least there was last time I went past

  Graham. 15:19 25 Mar 2009

Not in stock at Hillsborough, so got one of these click here

My pictures are now blinking in the bright sunshine.

Thanks all.

  woodchip 15:39 25 Mar 2009

Not much more than I payed from Computer Fair a Barnsley Metrodome. I payed about £25 3year back

  woodchip 15:40 25 Mar 2009

Set the Drive as master with its little jumper or Windows will not see it

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