USB cable to link 2 computers

  setecio 09:59 20 Jun 2007

I'm looking for a USB cable to plug into 2 computers so that I can transfer files from one to the other. I want something as simple to use as possible, without having to go into network settings or file sharing settings.

When I plug a USB flash drive in, XP loads the driver and I can transfer to and from the drive - that is the kind of simplicity I'm looking for.

Is that how the USB to USB cables work or do they require more complicated setting up ?


  johnnyrocker 10:03 20 Jun 2007

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  Quiet Life 10:37 20 Jun 2007

You will need a USB cable with special circuitry for the connection of two computers. You cannot connect with ordinary cable as you will damage the computers. Unless both machines are USB2 it will be very slow and you will still have to setup the connection through either software supplied with the cable or MS Network Wizard. Two LAN cards and a Cat 5 cross over cable is another alternative. Depending on the size of files to be transferred a larger flash drive is the simplest method. I have a LAN but use a flash drive for transferring files as it saves having both machines on at the same time

  wjrt 14:21 20 Jun 2007
  ambra4 16:11 20 Jun 2007

Look at this unit I have one and it works excleant
once you connect the cable it check both PC.

Bring up a split screen on each pc showing both hard drive of each PC, you then just drag and drop the files

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  woodchip 20:45 20 Jun 2007
  Epirb406 21:00 20 Jun 2007

Reading this thread out of interest and have no desire to hijack!

However, could either quite life or anyone else tell me how plugging in a usb cable at both ends would damage the computer?

Thanks, Epirb

  woodchip 21:04 20 Jun 2007

It will not damage the comp if its a link cable as above. You also have to load the software off the CD on both computers for it to work

  Epirb406 21:13 20 Jun 2007

what if it is just a standard cable, what damage does it do?

Brgds, Epirb

  woodchip 21:17 20 Jun 2007

It will not work. What it does is Bang

  setecio 22:58 20 Jun 2007

Thanks, but most of those require network setup.

The link from Ambra4 is what I'm after, which doesn't require any setup, thanks.

As for using an ordinary USB cable, well you can't as the common USB cable that is described as 'usual' cannot physically be plugged into 2 computers as one plug will be the squareish shape that won't fit.

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