USB Cable Length

  Mastermind 23:32 06 Aug 2003

Does anyone know if there a limit to the length of USB cable that can successfully be used with a printer and a scanner?

I was looking at 5m cables. A friend of mine suggested that this might cause problems?

  Djohn 23:37 06 Aug 2003

click here for a guide to length of cable for different items. j.

  Djohn 23:41 06 Aug 2003

Also found this, hope it is of help to you. j.

USB active extension "Repeater" cable. 16 foot long extension cable. Up to five of these cables may be connected together to get to the maximum 80 foot length theoretically possible with USB. You cannot use regular, non-active extension cables past 16.4 feet (5 meters) without using hubs between the cables.

  TBH1 23:42 06 Aug 2003

I've been told 5 metres is about the limit, unless you use powered hub thingies ( not sure with USB 2 ) - - -I know for a fact that my web camera DOES work with the 1.5 metre cable it came with plus a 5 metre extension cable - - - but NOT with another 5 metre cable added to that.

  Mango Grummit 15:10 07 Aug 2003

From the site:

"We have expanded our USB range with the release of a new USB extender, which can be used to increase the distance between a USB device and a computer by up to 50 meters."

click here

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