USB cable to connect to PCs for file transfer

  MTQ 01:42 12 Jun 2003

Using an USB printer cable A/B, I want to connect to PCs for file transfer. Attaching a A to B converter the cable can be made connectable to the two PCs USB ports. Staight connection or cross over to be made ? If cross over which of the 4 wires to go to which 4 wires? Please explain. Thank you in advance.

  Megatyte 02:53 12 Jun 2003

Straight through connection.

1 +V (Red)

2 Data- (White)

3 Data+ (Green)

4 Gnd (Black)

Shell is the shield


  MTQ 19:39 12 Jun 2003

Thank you Megatyte, for quick response.

When you see thorugh the front of a B/male plug, facing 4 wires upward, in front of you, no 1 to 4 are from left to rigat or right to left?
Please refer to some infomative webpage or pest a copy from there. By 'Straight through connection' you ment 2Data- of one pc will go to 2Data- of other, so is 3Data+ to 3Data+. That means both way communications takes through same wires.
Please educate me on USB principle by pesting a copy or ref to page. Thanks to all of you, please respond.


  jazzypop 19:46 12 Jun 2003

Don't do it.

See Q6, 7 & 8 at click here

  Bertie B 20:21 12 Jun 2003

I presume you just want to connect 2 PC's that are fairly close to each other together. I've recently tried the USB Bridge cable method - it worked relatively well for file tranfers but Windows did not recognise the USB Bridge as a network so you cannot use any of the normal Windows networking functions or wizards to solve any problems. You are always going to be operating via an additional piece of software that comes with the cable. With the cable I had - a Reveal USB Data Link - I could not share any printers - just drag and drop files from one pc to the other.

Now - I've bought two Lan cards - fitted one in each PC [brilliantly simple] and connected the PC's using an ethernet crossover cable. Now I can save files directly to either PC from either PC - Open files directly from either PC and I can print from either PC to my printer. This system is so much more flexible than the USB Bridge method - and the bonus is that you can use Windows help screens and wizards to set thing up.

Try this website for info:-

click here

  MTQ 20:42 12 Jun 2003

Thanks to you jazzypop, for the caution and the website. Thanks to you Bertie B, for the brilliant idea of using LAN cards. Grdually I am comming to point. I will try the Bridge and LAN
solutions and post the results.
.......Any further ideas?


  jazzypop 20:45 12 Jun 2003

No need for further ideas - just go with Bertie B's suggestion (unless you want to splash out and get two wireless LAN cards).


  Megatyte 02:48 13 Jun 2003

Sorry that I did not research this before I posted my reply. I posted what I knew about the USB pin-outs.

The issue with shorting out the PSUs' is not valid unless you reverse the cabling(I'm an electronics engineer)


  Bertie B 12:36 13 Jun 2003

Just another thought - another bonus, really! Using the LAN cards also allows you to share your internet connection - so you can access different sites simultaneously.

  scotty 13:39 13 Jun 2003

If you want to pursue the USB route, E-buyer have a promotional offer, click here

  MTQ 20:05 14 Jun 2003


Thanks for your responses. I appreciate your tech. detils of usb connection. I am an Electrical/Elecrtonics Engineer, perhaps too outdated to have details about usb. Could you please answer my second posting asking for the numbering order 1-4 from left to right or right to left when you face 4 wires upwards in male plug infront of you and about the both way data transfer trough the same wire,if the connection is straight.
As other suggested usb bridge; what it the internal construction of usb bridge? Straight, Crossover or else. Details of construction of bridge or of self made connection and ref to web page will be appreciated. If you test file transfer with self made cabe, please post the result.


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