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  Dozy 12:39 04 Feb 2003

Please if any one could help I would be truly grateful. I recently acquired a Kodak Personal picture Maker. I was advised to uninstall my main printer Epson C70 use the Epson cable for the Kodak printer install that with software then use a USB Cable to re-install my Epson Printer. Kodak Printer is fine but I have lost my way with the Epson. Although it appears to be installed it seems to want to go through LPT1 which is the Kodak Port. How do I switch it to the USB cable. When I try to print with it everything shows up apart from the ink then an error message comes up. I am at a loss, the advice and help from this source before has been fantastic so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks in advance Dozy

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:43 04 Feb 2003

Trying to make sense of this:

You have got two printers. Is the Kodak one on the USB port or the LPT1 port?

The Epson C70 can be used either on LPT1 or on the USB port.

It may be best to delete both printers and to then plug the Kodak in to whichever port you want to use it on. Install the software and test. Then leaving the Kodak plugged in plug the Epson to one of your USB ports and if Windows detects it follow its lead, otherwise install it and see what happens.

There is no reason I can think of why you would need to uninstall one printer to install another.

  Spook Tooth 13:01 04 Feb 2003

The Kodak, is a camera? It is unusal I think, for it to be connected via the LPT1 port. (An older type of camera connection?) Anyway, usually they have USB/Firewire leads.

Sir Rad's advice about uninstalling or deleting the printer (Epson C70) from Control Panel: Printers, is the best way. Uninstall the epson software also I think.


Connect the USB lead from the Epson (have it switched on), then winows should 'find new hardware'.

You have two choices, either go through the process of allowing it to set you printer up (have the CD Rom disk in a drive), or you can use the CD set up software yourself.

I would look at my own software/driver install guide for my printer for you, to see exactly the way it's done. Bit too much to do at present, so sorry, all I can add is, some printers are recognised by the Operating Software, if that's more recent than the printer (eg - XP for my own HP printer), you can then install it with extreme ease.

We may need to know you OS if you are still having problems, after doing this. Don't uninstall/delete your Kodak set up, if that is a indeed a camera, as that should not be necessary. You might want to disable it though, if that becomes a problem when installing the printer. Do this in Device Manager from System properties in the Control Panel. If I have it wrong, and that Kodak is another printer, Sir Rad may have something there about the confusion of printing ports - but I think you can just freeze it by temporarily disabling it regardeless.

Post back if it still doesn't work.

  SEASHANTY 15:50 04 Feb 2003

I think epson use different printer drivers for the parallel port (LPT1) and USB connections. I know I had trouble when I changed over my epso740 from LPT1 to the USB ports. The install
disc for this printer has different drivers depending on which connection you actually make.
If using on USB you will have to completely
uninstall the old drivers then let windows detect
detect new USB device and then load the USB drivers from the epson CD which should have come with your printer. Visit epson at their website
<click here>

  woodchip 16:09 04 Feb 2003

Go to Device manager and remove LPT port and start your comp up with camera connected and switched on

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