USB Broadband/Printer confilcts

  dunnock 16:57 24 Jan 2003

I have 2 USB ports on my PC. One is being used by my NTL Broadband connection. The other I have been using for my scanner or digital camera with no problem. I have just purchased an Epson C42UX USB printer. It will not work correctly with the Broadband cable connected,I get all manner of problems. When I disconnect the Broadband however, it works perfectly. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the printer driver several times to no avail. I have also downloaded and installed the latest driver off the Epson website but no luck.I contacted the Epson helpline and they say it must be a conflict between the Broadband and the printer USB drivers. Has anybody else had a similar problem?

  obbit 17:08 24 Jan 2003

Hi dunnock...........i had the very same trouble. now i use ethernet card. £10-£12 it's made a difference as when i used to turn the printer on the modem would go off line so i had to restart with printer still on. recommend ethernet/network card. it's faster as well.

bets regards


  leo49 17:09 24 Jan 2003

It could be a lack of power issue with both in operation.Perhaps a powered Hub might help.


  BRYNIT 17:16 24 Jan 2003

I agree with obbit ethernet card is better. This will free up the usb for your camera.

  obbit 17:16 24 Jan 2003

leo49 is right.....insufficient power to the usb ports. the network card is for the modem by the way.


  dunnock 17:30 24 Jan 2003

Thanks for the suggestions. As I already had a printer on the old printer port I was going to use the second printer just for graphics etc. as the print quality is a lot better. I can now take it out of the dustbin and try your ideas. It was a bit of a pain having to disconnect the B/band cable just to print a few pages, as I had to reboot the pc to get connected to the Internet again.

  BillEmm 17:48 24 Jan 2003

Assuming you're USB is version 1.1 then the on-board USB controller (chipset) will provide each port with up to 500mA at up to 5V ie a max of 2.5 watts. However, if there is only one USB controller on the board then both ports will have to share the bandwidth - 12Mbps. USB Broadband modems, particularly ADSL, will grab as much of the bandwidth as available - up to 80 percent in some cases. This leaves very little for other devices.

One solution is to remove the modem from the port, power up the PC with the other devices connected to the port/s THEN add the modem.
If this does not work then the usual recommendation is to add a USB PCI Adapter card - if there is a spare PCI slot. Don't waste money on a USB 1.1 card, its old technology, buy a USB 2 model. This will handle all USB 1.1 devices and provide the facility to add the faster USB 2 devices if necessary.


  accord 17:49 24 Jan 2003

definately use a network card, cable modems run better through these than USB anyway.

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