USB Bluetooth Dongle --- Nokia 6600 - Help a n00b

  GibsonSt19 19:39 14 Apr 2004

Hiya, just wondering if anyone could clarify whether one of these gadgets can be used instead of a data cable?


  GibsonSt19 22:07 14 Apr 2004

*Someone* must be able to help me? :(

  Quiller. 22:19 14 Apr 2004

What were you hoping to do with the data cable? If it's just for tranfering immages and data, then bluetooth will do the same.

May here

  Quiller. 22:22 14 Apr 2004

I think you can transfer images as well as immages. :-(

BSOD write out 100 times, "use the spell checker"

  GibsonSt19 22:29 14 Apr 2004

When I get some software for it I want to know whether it can be done using the dongle

Any ideas?

Is there a difference between the cable and the dongle, or do they do the same thing?


  Quiller. 22:44 14 Apr 2004

If you are using nokia software then you can use the usb dongle. This will do everything the data cable should.

What you cannot do with the dongle is unlock the network card. That is done by using a data cable and specialised software. That is why I asked what you were wanting to do with the data cable.

  GibsonSt19 07:54 15 Apr 2004

I don't need to unlock the phone, just install software, transfer images etc.

I'll get a dongle then.

<sounds almost rude eh?!>


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