USB bandwidth insufficient error using Tiscali BB

  paranomia 23:13 06 Oct 2004

Hi - I have just been through a 2 hour phone call from a friend trying to install Tiscali Broadband!! The problem is an error message - Insufficient bandwidth on USB. The only connections are his keyboard/mouse, printer and the Sagem ADSL device (never been sure, is it a modem or terminal adaptor...) He has removed all devices, deleted and reinstalled the software, even removed and reinstalled the USB ports! He can ping the device ok. Anyone had this problem and successfully resolved it?
Thanks in advance.

  sean-278262 00:23 07 Oct 2004

does ur friend use the old usb 1.0 standard if so he wont be able to use it im sure as usb 1 has only a limit of 1.5 mbps so if this is the case it wont be able to use its full broadband broadband uses much higher levels of bandwidth

  paranomia 07:10 07 Oct 2004

I did wonder about that but I am not sure how to find out which version he has...

  Lionheart ? 07:30 07 Oct 2004

Is your friend running his Printer/Keyboard/Mouse and the Sagem though a USB hub.

I had a similer problem,I purchased a powered hub and connected the modem through the PC's USB, left everything else connected to the powered hub.

  paranomia 07:36 07 Oct 2004

Lionheart - he does have a hub but has removed it. The keyboard is USB, the mouse is plugged into the keyboard, he has a printer and the BB modem. He is using the two rear ports for the KB/mouse and Printer and one of the front ports for the modem. He has tries swapping everything around but still gets the error message...

  Lionheart ? 07:53 07 Oct 2004

Found this after a search, ok your friend may not have a Plasma screen TV, but may be getting interference from some othe device.

I have carried out several tests by switching on and off electrical devices to see if there is any interference to the ADSL signal.

Believe it or not after many checks I have found that when the TV plasma screen (which is in another room) is switched on then the ADSL signal is lost.

If the plasma screen is left on the ADSL modem continues to attempt to connect and eventually starts to give USB error messages, such as USB bandwidth insufficient etc, etc

I have now run a totally separate line direct to the computer, completely independant of the rest of the phone system in the house.

I have been running with this type of connection now for 4 days with no problems, no USB error messages, no dropped line and have had continuos ADSL connection, even with the plasma on.

  Tenacious Green 08:54 07 Oct 2004

My mate has had exactly the same problem, and as of yet found no solution to the problem despite plenty of time on the phone to India (Tiscali call centre, I thought they were Italian?), however the suggestion it may be the USB1 cable may not be correct as he had been running BB on the same modem and USB1 cable for 18 months with Tiscali. So any other ideas would be welcomed. He too has uninstalled and re-installed the driver,etc to no avail. Thanks in advance.

  paranomia 11:10 07 Oct 2004

Thanks for your input everyone... sorry for disappearing for a while - one has to earn a crust! :) Lionheart - I will investigate that one, he does have a few items of home entertainment in the immediate viscinity. Obviously if I come up with a cure I will let everyone know. The fact that he lives 100+ miles away makes it a bit more difficult to sort out!!

  Lionheart ? 11:13 07 Oct 2004

Will keep looking to see if I can find anymore info.

  CurlyWhirly 11:50 07 Oct 2004

I think you are wrong as according to click here the USB 1.1 runs at 12 Mbps and the newer USB 2 runs 40 times faster at 480 Mbps.

  paranomia 22:09 07 Oct 2004

OK - as promised the cure for this particular case... SKY TV!!! On removing the phone connection to the SKY box the computer burst into life and connected like a good 'un! Wouldn't you think that in our connected world we would have made sure communications equipment could coexist...

Anyway - hope it helps your mate Tenacious Green and many thanks to you, Lionheart?, creature of the nite and CurlyWhirly. Cheers all!

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