usb bandwidth exceeded

  professore 00:58 07 Nov 2007

Hi all. I am trying to use my web cam but i get the pop up saying : 'The controller does not have enough bandwidth available for Logitech camera. The devices listed below are being used by programs and are consuming bandwidth:
-Speed Touch 330 ADSL modem 75%
-Standard OpenHCD USB Hosy Controller 12%
-Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller 12%
-Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller 10%"
-Move these devices to a controller that has more available bandwidth or to free bandwidth, close the programs using the devices on the current controller. If the programs can not be found, unplug one or more devices.

I must point out to you that i have never experienced the above before but this morning i contacted Toucan to upgrade my 2 Mb connection to 8 Mb and they asked me to go on their Web site and upgrade my modem driver. Can it be related to that? How can i sort this problem? Thank u 4 your time.

  MCE2K5 03:14 07 Nov 2007

Read through this

click here

It all points to your USB ports not Being USB2.

  professore 09:43 07 Nov 2007

I have difenatly USB 2.0 ports

  cream. 09:47 07 Nov 2007

it looks to me that the speedtouch 330 is drawing to much power.

have you got a usb2.0 powered hub you could try the modem in?

also, how many other devices do you have plugged into usb ports?

  professore 10:15 07 Nov 2007

Hi Percy Vere. I have just swapped devices to different usb ports and my web cam seems to be working now.Thank u all very much 4 your advice

  ambra4 11:58 08 Nov 2007

Tick box and click solved

  pilgrim13 01:01 28 Jan 2008

Hi, i have this problem with a new computer that has USB 2. I have a usb mouse and internet but when the internet is plugged in I have no sound. When the internet plug is out I have sound. I have eight USB ports and have tried them all without success. Tried the supplier too but obviously had no idea what to do and wanted me to phone their premium rate phoneline to chat about it even though techinical advice is supposed to be free.

I would be grateful if anyone knows what to do about this. Thanks.

  tullie 06:23 28 Jan 2008

Please dont hijack someone elses thread,open your own

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