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  Scubaman 13:36 15 Sep 2008

Hi, I have an 8 port mains powered USB hub and when I conect a memory stick directly I get a message saying that the USB device is a High Speed device and will function at reduced speed when plugged a non Hi-Speed port.The Hub (8 ports)and the USB card (4 ports) have free ports that can support the Hi Speed USB device, all 12 show as being unused ports. How can I check to see that I am actually running all other USB devices at Hi Speed?
I looked at other posted messages and used Belarc Advisor. My MoBo is listed as Abit AS8/AS8-V (Intel i865-ICH5)1.0
Any ideas
Many thanks

  GroupFC 18:20 15 Sep 2008

I am afraid I don't know the answer but have a very similar problem - so I am posting so as to follow this thread!

At least this post will bump you up the list!

  Technotiger 18:25 15 Sep 2008

Go into Devices and click on the USB + sign, if you then see the word Enhanced anywhere at all, you do have USB2 which is the fast usb.

  Technotiger 18:29 15 Sep 2008

What make is your 8port hub, not all hubs are USB2 capable.

  GroupFC 18:41 15 Sep 2008

Yes mine says that and I know the hub is USB2 capable as it is a new hub recently purchased when I thought that the old hub I was using might have been the problem, but it would appear to only work as USB1 - I just can't seem to figure out what the problem is!

  Technotiger 18:59 15 Sep 2008

Do you still get the 'this could work faster' message if you connect directly to a usb port on your pc - not via the hub?

  GroupFC 19:19 15 Sep 2008

Yes - afraid so!

  Technotiger 19:23 15 Sep 2008

Then it looks as if, in your case anyway, your USB Ports need to be re-installed. In Devices delete ALL USB entries, then re-start computer. On re-start USB Ports will be re-installed.

  woodchip 19:25 15 Sep 2008

If like one of my computer and running 98se the motherboard USBs are running as 1.1 although they are USB2 this is as a result of the chipset being a SIS. In XP they run at USB2 this computer is dual booted. On the 98se I fitted a Card with USB2 Ports and a Via Chipset this enables them to run at USB2 after loading Via Drivers, So I have both USB1.1 and USB2 in Windows 98se

  Technotiger 19:44 15 Sep 2008

Hi, XP is not automatically USB2 compliant - one still has to install a USB2 PCI Card or similar.

  Scubaman 19:54 15 Sep 2008

It is Belkin 7 port mains powered hub and the pci card is a 4 port drawing 500mA. Both are listed as enhanced. I have just tried plugging the USB stick into the elkin hub and lo and behold I get the message, but no message using the 4 onboard USB slots or the 4 PCI card slots. The hub is not that old either, and it is plugged into the MoBo USB slot. I think I will just have to keep unplugging my iPod, camera and phone cables then, or splash out on a USB 2.0 Hub.
Many thanks guys

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