USB ADSL modem settings.

  Wanderfly 14:21 17 Sep 2006

Hi all,
Trying to help my mother in law!!! She has a basic Dell laptop and has had a chap around to get her onto broadband. He has installed a BT Voyager 105 USB ADSL Modem. My trouble is he has installed it as a dial up modem, not as a LAN. Is this normal with USB modems?

As an aside, I tried plugging my LAN cable into her laptop. Shouldn't at least the internet connection just work as long as the internet settings are set to automatically detect settings in the LAN tab?

Many thanks,

  irishrapter 15:13 17 Sep 2006

Seems okay, most usb modems are seen as dial up devices.

You could share the internet if you want to by turning on internet connection sharing on the laptop.

The best way to share the internet connection would be getting rid of the modem and get an ADSL router. Which could also be used to go wireless with your mum in law's laptop.

  BBez 15:53 17 Sep 2006

Don't use the USB on the 205, i've just upgraded my 205 and mostly telnetted into it to secure the LAN port.

Connect CAT 5 cable from PC NIC to Router LAN port, reset router, enter her username password which should have you connected (ADSL light should stay on) then click here for secret Admin pages that aren't displayed on the BT web interface.

If you want to stealth the router to make it more secure click here

  BBez 15:54 17 Sep 2006

Sorry, i misread the post, i thought it was a 205, not a 105 as you have described...

  Wanderfly 20:58 17 Sep 2006

Thanks guys!
I didn't realise these types of ADSL modems were seen as dial up.

On another note, as she won't be using the internet much we've put her onto the lowest Metronet tariff but she wants to keep receiving her old freeserve e-mails, this should be fine, but I x?#*^%ered if I can get it to do it!

Any ideas?

  Jackcoms 15:23 18 Sep 2006

"she wants to keep receiving her old freeserve e-mails"

If she is no longer a subscriber to Freeserve she will no longer be able to receive e-mails from them

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