USB addition of graphics card .possible?

  bigsize 20:53 28 May 2017

Pls fellows,I'm stuck with how to use USB graphic card on my laptop, my onboard graphics card is damaged but then I read it is possible add graphics card through USB to ur laptop, I want to know how and even where to get this type of graphics card. Thank you

  BRYNIT 21:20 28 May 2017

Are you sure it's just the on-board graphics that has failed?

Don't know much about USB Graphics but have found this CLICK HERE on Amazon with some info that would help, also CLICK HERE a list of USB adaptors raging from £10 - £60

  rdave13 21:48 28 May 2017

Where did you read that

it is possible add graphics card through USB to ur laptop ?

  Forum Editor 08:33 29 May 2017

It is certainly possible to add a USB graphics card. I have provided you with more information in your other thread.

Please don't post multiple threads on the same subject.

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