faichfolds 01:41 11 Feb 2003

After years of having problems with USB devices on 98SE, I've installed XP and the problems have gone blinkin marvelous!!

  Djohn 02:06 11 Feb 2003

faichfolds, I'm running a Printer and a scanner through USB, on 98se and have not experienced any problems.

But they are through a USB PCI card rather than direct to the M/Board. J.

  faichfolds 21:45 11 Feb 2003

Yeah, direct to the mobo was s***e.
The system would hang. Microsoft acknowledged the problem and issued a patch, but that was as much use as a chocolate radiator. Via also released a patch which was as much use

  flecc 23:31 11 Feb 2003

Strange! I manage to have a total of 18 reliable working USB sockets on my three Windows 98SE based computers, 11 of them USB 2 which XP hasn't got unless it's had service pack 1 added.

  Djohn 23:51 11 Feb 2003

My above post was as a direct result of flecc's excellent advice.

  faichfolds 00:01 12 Feb 2003

I think as well the problem was with s*** chipsets and processors, but it is certainly now alot more stable.
Having said that I've just spent the past 1/2 hour sorting out issues with my USB devices that were making my system behave strangely to say the least.

Your comment regarding USB 2.0 with 98SE is interesting.

I'm currently setting up a new PC which has USB2, using 98SE and there were no USB2 drivers on the MoBo CD for Win98. A line has been added to the Autoexec.bat file to load 'NOUSB20.EXE'.

This prevents 'unknown' devices showing up in the System settings.

I believe the PC is fitted with an ECS MoBo and uses the SiS USB chipset.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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