usb to 3.5mm port for speakers

  panhandle 15:48 06 Jul 2014

My Compaq all-in-one Win 7 only has headphone-out & microphone-in ports. Sound configuration has RealTek internal speakers the only option, not external speakers. Would a USB > 3.5mm port cable enable me to use external [better quality!] speakers? Maybe a converter is needed? Thanks

  Woolwell 16:09 06 Jul 2014

You should be able to connect speakers to the headphone jack.

  Woolwell 16:09 06 Jul 2014

Which model of Compaq all-in-one?

  wee eddie 17:09 06 Jul 2014

Woolwell is right for a 2.1 Speaker Setup

  SparkyJack 17:13 06 Jul 2014

Headphone to external speakers is the normal way.

External speakers come with power cord and 3.5mm jack line.

They are readily available at all computery oulets Amazon/Argos etc.

Price £10 to 100's

Take her pick

  woodchip 18:13 06 Jul 2014

You can use either USB Speakers or as above Plugged into Headphone socket

  panhandle 22:02 06 Jul 2014

Indeed - external speakers are connected with USB for power, and to headphone port, and switched on. Built in speakers still play. Is this a configuration problem as mentioned, the Sound set up ONLY lists 1 option, RealTek, not any other device like external speakers.

Model - compaq 100eu all-in-one PC 150GB split 101/C and 47/D. I realise this may not be quite what you are asking, it's best I can do..........

  Woolwell 22:09 06 Jul 2014

It would have been helpful to mention that you already have speakers which wasn't obvious from your first post. We assumed that you needed to buy some.

Right click on your sound icon in the system tray and open Play Back Devices. Are headphones and speakers shown separately?

  panhandle 23:47 06 Jul 2014

No they are not - neither by right clicking on system tray icon as you suggested, nor on control panel/sound as I had already done. However whilst I was fiddling there was a bit of crackle and suddenly speakers worked -but still nothing showing in the tray playback devices - so by chance they work - there must be a hard wiring fault in the speakers jack or something in the PC.

Solved anyway by chance and I can live with that. Thanks for the thoughts.

  SparkyJack 06:45 07 Jul 2014

This would seem to be a 3.5 jack socket fault. In operation the empty socket leaves the internal speakers connected.

When an external speaker/phones are lugged in the plug should disconnect the internal speakers, it is a mechanical thing not electronic.

Try muting /minimising the on board volume and see if you still have exrernal out put.

My daughters desktop for example has defective 3.5jacks so I rigged USB to 3.5 adapter for her wireless phones . Adapters from Amazon.

  Woolwell 07:06 07 Jul 2014

I had further thoughts about this and as SparkyJack has said the internal speakers should automatically cut out when the headphone socket is used. I suspect that the 3 mm plug was not firmly home and the crackle is associated with moving the plug or you have a slightly defective plug or socket. Either way it appears to have been sorted.

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