Usb 2.0 vs external DVD RW X4

  portofcall 22:29 06 May 2004

Ok, I'm running windows XP and have purchased external DVD RW X 4. External DVD RW is connected with 1.1 usb hub. Would an exteral 2.0 external hub solve speed of rewrite question?

  woodchip 22:48 06 May 2004

It would be quicker. But a extra internal Hard Drive would be better still

  woodchip 22:49 06 May 2004

Why cannot you connect it to the USB 2 on the computer if you have one

  woodchip 22:51 06 May 2004

if you have only USB 1.1 ports on your computer and pluged a USB2 into one of these it would only work as a USB1.1

  accord 22:55 06 May 2004

Add one of these click here to your pc and USB 2 is guaranteed.

  portofcall 22:57 06 May 2004

Thanks guys and girls. Now, how do I check what usb port my computer has? I assumed that with windows XP that this was a given. Am I daft, ignorant or both? Question to ponder.

  woodchip 23:05 06 May 2004

If its a old computer and been upgraded to XP then its a USB 1.1 so you will need a USB PCI card with two or four USB2 sockets from a comp fair about £5 to £9

  woodchip 23:06 06 May 2004

Sorry forgot to ask but this will only fit a Desktop computer not a laptop

  ste_bla 23:23 06 May 2004

On my laptop if you goto Divice manager (xp-right click my pc, sys properties, divice manager) mine says 'usb 2.0 enchance controller' which at a guess means i got usb2 never tried it though

But the werid thing is there are a total of 4 controllers only one says the above BUT i have only 2 usb ports...

  accord 07:15 07 May 2004

XP Home,

Right click My Computer,



Device Manager,

USB Controllers, (right down the bottom)

Click on the + sign and bingo, there's the info for you.

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