usb 2.0 - trying to find mine?

  Repurr 10:24 04 May 2004

I bought a MESH 3200 BPC in Jan and am trying to find which usb port/s are the USB 2.0 ports. Is their a easy way to do this?

Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 10:33 04 May 2004

All of them should be I would imagine if it is a new machine; have a look in the device manager - right click on "my computer" and choose "properties" and then hardware and then device manager.

  accord 11:07 04 May 2004

all of them.

  billyliv 13:38 04 May 2004

Hi, Plug in a usb 2 periph.(if you have one) You will be told if your connection isnt usb 2. Cheers, Bill

  Icemanrik 15:48 04 May 2004

I have recently installed a usb2 card to my machine on XP and it has installed the card fine, all works with device manager etc
BUT when i plug something in to the card, i.e portable hard drive i get nothing, it wont pick up anything thats plugged into it?

Any Ideas?

Thanks for your time!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 04 May 2004

Icemanrik - a new thread might help - sorry that I can't suggest anything other than ask if it is only one particular peripheral that is not working? Does anything pick up?

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