USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable

  User-219333 12:35 04 Mar 2010

I bought the above item which shows the cabled disc in Device manager and Disc management where.
it says the disc needs to be initialised. If I did that I would probably lose the files on it.

None of the files or the connected hard drive show anywhere in Windows Explorer.

I have seen many others posting the same question elsewhere but no solution yet.

Hoping someone here has a solution


  DieSse 12:46 04 Mar 2010

I've put hard drives into external boxes with a USB interface loads of times - and never had an issue.

One way around it may be :-

Put the drive as a second internal drive - copy all the data off to the main drive - refit the drive via the USB cable - set it up (initialise etc) - copy all the data back again.

  mgmcc 13:16 04 Mar 2010

I've seen it suggested that this problem can arise if the USB port cannot deliver sufficient power to run the drive. Some enclosures that don't have their own power adapter are supplied with a second USB lead to overcome the power issue.

Are you plugging it into a port at the back of the PC, which might deliver more power than a front mounted USB port?

  User-219333 15:58 04 Mar 2010

Thanks for your comments
Firstly, I have taken this drive out of a PC that has completely stopped working. I could probably access the files by swapping drives in my portable hard drive but as I have bought this cable I would like to be able to use it,it would be so much easier for use in the future.
The post is what happened using Vista

Secondly, I have tried it in the XP PC, it says that I need a high speed usb host controller. I have never had usb problems before and there is a power option if needed.

I probably haven't made the description of the cable very clear so I will add the Ebay link below.
Thanks to you both

  DieSse 17:18 04 Mar 2010

"...and never had an issue."

I should have been more explicit.

3.5" drives (desktop) always need a power supply.

2.5" drives (laptop) some will work without a supply, some won't. Often external boxes (as opposed to the cable type you have) sometimes come with double USB connectors, or even a special second cable (as above).

So I concur with mgmcc that you should try the power cable route first.

  DieSse 17:21 04 Mar 2010

" says that I need a high speed usb host controller"

It should work, though much slower, with a USB1.1 controller anyway. Never seen one that wouldn't.

  User-219333 17:35 04 Mar 2010

I have thank you! That would be so obvious.
I maybe female but I know a great more than you assume

  DieSse 19:42 04 Mar 2010

"I maybe female but I know a great more than you assume"

Unfortunately it's not possible to know anything about you from a post - so to assume your level of knowledge would be pointless (as would assuming anything about which sex you are, which is totally irrelevant as well).

If you'd said you'd tried it with a power lead, and if you'd said what type of drive it was, and if you'd said that your system was USB2 - then we wouldn't be making those suggestions, of course.

It's possible the cable is faulty - have you checked it with a different drive and/or on a different system?

  DieSse 19:44 04 Mar 2010

You also say you took the drive out of a system that had stopped working - perhaps it's the actual drive that's the problem. Have you/can you test it directly connected in another system?

  User-219333 21:36 04 Mar 2010

I have, it works fine. Others have said it works fine but as I said many don't.
The seller doesn't seem to know much about it but today said they are going to send another as it may be faulty. I don't really think it is but will give it a try and post the result
I may just buy another hard drive case but I don't like to be beaten!

Thank you

  DieSse 22:10 04 Mar 2010

"I have, it works fine."

Which? - The cable, the drive, or both?

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