USB 2.0 Query

  Johninho 11:28 30 Mar 2004

Hi folks,

I've just bought an Iriver hard disk based 20GB MP3 player. It has USB 2.0 capability.

My desktop PC has USB 1.0 interface which works but is slow. I currently have two 4 port hubs plugged into the USB 1.0 sockets.

My question is as follows. If I bought a PCI based USB 2.0 card and plugged the 4 port hubs into it, would they run at 2.0 speed?


  Sir Radfordin 11:31 30 Mar 2004

Only if the Hubs are 2.0 spec will they run at 2.0 speed when plugged into 2.0 spec PCI card. You can however get PCI cards with at least 4 ports. You only really need 2.0 speed for file transfer as you won't notice a difference in speed when printing/scanning.

  Johninho 11:37 30 Mar 2004

I don't think there's a specification on them so I presume that means they're 1.0.

I could daisy chain the hubs in the 1.0 socket and just use the 2.0 for the mp3 player. When connected to the pc it shows up as an extra hard disk and you copy the mp3 files by normal file transfer, drag and drop etc. I'm currently in the process of copying my whole CD collection onto it, hence the speed issue.

Thanks for the reply

  Sir Radfordin 12:52 30 Mar 2004

If you have enough space for another PCI card then there is no reason for you to stop using the 1.0 USB ports you already have. You may as well leave your set up as it is, install a 2.0 PCI card and plug the MP3 player into that.

  Stuartli 15:52 30 Mar 2004

USB2 is backward compatible so installing a PCI card is also futureproofing; you can continue to use the hub for USB1 products.

But using a USB2 product on a USB1 port or hub will mean it working only at USB1 speeds.

  TBH1 16:40 30 Mar 2004

just jumpin' in here - - - is there a difference between usb1 and usb2 cables ?

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