USB 2.0 PCI Cards - Need Advice

  [DELETED] 21:27 30 Nov 2003


I want to get a USB 2.0 PCI card for my PC.

The thing is they seem to vary in price so much!

Theres one here on dabs for £9.00 click here

Theres one here on dabs for £50! click here

And then theres one her on EBUYER for £26 click here

Why does the price vary so much? Also, what would an "internal usb port" be used for?

Any help much appreciated,


  Giggle n' Bits 22:04 30 Nov 2003

of your PC. where as External Hub is outside and converts USB 1 TO USB 2.00

If you are confident to fit an PCI card inside your computer then the £10 card would be ok.

Higher prices is based on the Manufacturer and desing type. Stick with the lower price one as it will do the job.

  [DELETED] 22:07 30 Nov 2003

this one F5U220 offers 5 Ports (4 external, 1 internal)

this one EIO-U2P offers 4 ports (3 external, 1 internal)

this one D-link 5-port USB Pci Controller Card offers 5 ports (4 external, 1 internal)

From reading all the specifications, the F5U220 offers excellent value for money, followed by the D-link, lastly the EIO-U2P. They all appear to offer very similar specs. So its just a choice of how many ports you need.

  [DELETED] 22:12 30 Nov 2003

An internal port on the card could be used, for instance, for connecting a camera card reader that fits in a drive bay. Of a dive bay panel that has a USB port on it, for cases that don't have front USB connections,

A 6-port card with two internal connections is an ideal upgrade unit.

  keverne 23:11 30 Nov 2003

...erm, hang on a minute. You said:-
>>where as External Hub is outside and converts USB 1 TO USB 2.00<<

No, it doesn't!

  [DELETED] 23:20 30 Nov 2003

You can only get usb2 on a usb1 computer, if the usb2 is provided by a Hardware card (one with its own firmware and or Bios)

  [DELETED] 23:23 30 Nov 2003

A_World_Maker, how can the F5U220 be the "best value for money" - its the most expensive at £50!!!?

And DieSse, where abouts can I get the 8-port one from? The most Ive ever seen on a PCI card is 4 external, 1 internal?



  Giggle n' Bits 23:45 30 Nov 2003

It typed it wrong and so it sounded wrong, I meant a External Hub has 1 usb plug to plug into pc this giving expansion and access for the others. Still sounds wrong ?

other works you have a hub with say 4 USB Ports which the hub connects to pc via 1 wire with USB plug. I didn't mean it to sound convert usb1 to 2 vice versa.

  [DELETED] 00:05 01 Dec 2003

They're not 8 port - they're 6 port - 4 outside, 2 internal - or 5 outside 1 internal - I've seen both.

You can get them almost everywhere. Do a Google search using .... 6 port usb2 card uk ....

  [DELETED] 00:13 01 Dec 2003

This card is ideal for adding the USB feature of connectivity to your system or increasing the amount of USB inputs that you have.

Price: £9.99 Including VAT at 17.5%

click here

Under Accessory Section.

Ordered two of these recently. Excellent service.

  Nosmas 00:55 01 Dec 2003

Have a look on click here at £10.20 (plus carriage and VAT) you can't go wrong. It's now even cheaper chan when I bought mine 5 months ago - total cost the £16.20.

Also have a look at the reviews on click here Although advertised as 3 ports in the front bay, like many others mine had 4 ports. simple to install and no problems during five months use.

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