USB 2.0 PCI card, vibrating display and no power?

  NICTRY 09:53 18 Nov 2004

Have just bought a PCI card to give my son 4x usb 2.0 ports on his Win 98SE PC specifically so when he gets his Muvo MP3 player he can transfer data at sensible speeds

I have installed the PCI card and all looked good, installed drivers and it shows as 2.0 USB etc.

Thought I would test it with a 6 in 1 card reader (2.0) plugged it in and the screen display started to 'vibrate'!!! installed the card reader drivers which recognised the card reader and rqstd a reboot. Rebooted and when restarted the card reader has no 'power' light showing and is no longer showing????? Thought something had gone wrong with USB port so plugged in a USB Ipaq charger into the same port and everything was fine?

Any ideas as I don't want to have these problems with the Muvo and I am worried that this is something to do with a USB 2.0 device but other than the card reader I have nothing else to test it on?

  scotty 10:42 18 Nov 2004

Does the card reader draw power from the USB or does it have its own power supply? Power requirements for USB are relatively high and could be too much for the supply available in the pc.

  NICTRY 10:45 18 Nov 2004

It does not have its own power supply but it works fine on my other PC using the same connection???? Is it possible it is just as simple as a larger PSU in one PC than the other or might I have this problem when I plug other USB items into the PCI card ports on my sons PC?

Thanks for the advice so far

  scotty 11:16 18 Nov 2004

I think your tests have shown that the card reader works and the USB card works. It is just the combination on your son's pc that is a problem. The fact that other hardware is also affected when you connect the card reader points to a power supply problem. If you need to connect devices which draw power from the USB, a cheap solution would be to buy a USB hub which has its own power supply.

  NICTRY 11:18 18 Nov 2004

Cheers scotty, any recommendations on a powered USB hub? I assume this also has to be 2.0 to derive the benefit?

  mark3110 11:25 18 Nov 2004

I dont know much about power things but its just as cheap to buy a new power supply, 350 for about £15, like i said though, i dont know if this will have any strange effects on the rest of the bits in the pc!!!


  scotty 11:28 18 Nov 2004

You will find an example on e-buyer (Quickfind code: 55658) for under £8.

click here for e-buyer.

  NICTRY 11:40 18 Nov 2004

Cheers guys, looks like a powered hub is the solution then!

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