USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter

  kevma 18:35 03 Apr 2010

Hi, I'm trying to connect my printer to my home network, but the problem I've got is that the USB port on my printer is a USB type B port. I've been looking for an adapter with this type of connection but have not been able to find one?
Does anyone know if it even exists?

Oh, almost forgot my printer is a Brother 120c, not the best I know!


  mgmcc 19:56 03 Apr 2010

It appears that this is NOT a "network printer", it is a USB one, so you won't be able to connect it into your network by ethernet, even if you can get a USB-B/RJ45 adapter.

Also, if you were to install a Network Print Server with a USB port, it might only support the printing function of the device, not scanning/copying.

  kevma 20:34 03 Apr 2010

I was hoping to get a ethernet hub to connect the printer into and then into the desk top .


  mgmcc 20:40 03 Apr 2010

What are you trying to achieve with this as opposed to connecting it directly by USB to the PC?

If you connect it to the PC by USB and set it as "shared", it will be available to other computers in the network provided the PC to which it is connected is running.

  kevma 20:48 03 Apr 2010

Thats the thing, I already have the printer set for share but when the desktop is off and I want to print something from my laptop its a pain. I thought that if I connected the printer to a ethernet hub and then into the desktop I could use the printer even when the desktop was off?

  mgmcc 22:36 03 Apr 2010

That requires either a Network Printer, i.e. one with an ethernet interface, or the use of a Network Print Server. You *CANNOT* simply plug a USB printer into a network.

  Strawballs 20:51 04 Apr 2010

You will need (as pointed out) a print server between your router and printer

click here

  Miké 22:20 04 Apr 2010

click here I use one of these with three usb drives a scanner and printer.

Needs a driver installed on every pc, Windows thinks that every device is plugged into each comnputer directly.

More expensive than a print server but cheap if you use it for storage as well.

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