USB 2.0 Connection not working

  Woodmouse 14:35 19 Nov 2004

Running Windows XP Professional, Motherboard MSI KM2M COMBO-L SKT A KM266 MATX, AMD DURON 1800 266FSB CPU. I have purchased a USB 2.0 Flash Drive but when I push this into the USB connection, no extra drive is displayed. I have checked the BIOS and the USB is enabled. I have inserted the Motherboard's CD and re-installed the USB drivers. Still nothing. The same Flash Drive works OK with my other PC running Windows XP Home. Putting other USB devices into the slot still bring no joy. Any ideas please.

  Diemmess 14:52 19 Nov 2004

A bit naive perhaps, but if your USB socket is part of a small group, and the other sockets are in use, .... Have you tried swopping sockets (one at a time). It could just be a duff connection between the motherboard circuitry and the unresponsive USB socket.

  ICF 16:21 19 Nov 2004

Do you have other USB device connected and working on this PC?

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