usb 2.0 check

  skaria 00:14 23 Dec 2004

just a fdew days ago, i installed usb 2.0 and firewire pci card into my dell dimension desktop pc. It did not automatically install the drivers. The installation book said it would on xp sp1, and i am running sp2. From device manager, i clicked on what said "usb 2.0 root hub" and clicked update driver and it worked. However, the intallation bopok states i should be able to see 2 ali to usb open host controllers, 1 standard enhanced pci to usb and 2 usb root hub, + more for my usb 1.1.I however do not have the usb 2.0 root hub and 1 ali to usb enhanced host controller. Instead, I was told I have 2 via usb enhanced host controller. When i stick in a hi speed usb it works fine, but i am not sure if it is usb 1.1 or usb 2.0 which it is running on. Is there any way of finding out? Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

  CurlyWhirly 07:04 23 Dec 2004

I have USB2 installed on my PC and how I *know* it is running at USB2 speed is because I have the word 'Enhanced' showing in Device Manager.

In other words under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' I have an entry 'Standard *enhanced* PCI to USB Host Controller'.

  skaria 10:03 23 Dec 2004

thanks you for that. I do have the standard enhanced and appreciate ur help. thanks again.

  billyliv 11:11 23 Dec 2004

Hi, Even though you have XP SP2 installed to get USB2 running correctly I believe you have to have XP SP1 installed. Cheers, Bill note, Enhanced does show that the PCI card is installed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 23 Dec 2004

SP2 contains all the SP1 updates, as ongas you can see Enhanced then you are running at the correct speed.

If you were not running at USB2 speeds when you insert a USB2 device into a USB1.1 port then XP will give you an error message telling you your device can run faster.

  skaria 16:56 23 Dec 2004

thanks, although the speed eror used to occur be4 i installed the drive, i now do not get the error wherever i install it. PS, i had sp1 installed as well. Thanks

  The Sack 17:54 23 Dec 2004

Make sure the USB driver 5.1.2600.0 is being used.

  skaria 22:45 23 Dec 2004

sorry "the scak", but could you explain waht u mean by the driver. I am not sure how to chel this. Thanks.

  ACOLYTE 22:50 23 Dec 2004

Right click my computer select properties/hardware then device manager then click the + next to USB controllers high light standard enhanced controller then at the top click properties (button under view)then click the driver tab on the box that opens.

  CurlyWhirly 23:03 23 Dec 2004

Make sure the USB driver 5.1.2600.0 is being used.

I have checked my driver and it *is* driver 5.1.2600.0 so what I was wondering is why it *has* to be this version?
It seems a bit out of date as it is dated 1/6/2002!

  skaria 22:55 24 Dec 2004

thanks, i recently realised that i have all usb 2 ports but was using 1.1 as thedriver was not installed. thanks to dell who should have told me about this. although on the specs it says usb 2. however this means i have now got 10 usb ports which i wont even use. thanks anyway for opening my eyes to thee matter

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