USB 2.0 card disappointment

  keef66 12:51 04 Jan 2006

Motherboard came with 2 usb 1.1 ports and the audigy sound card provided 2 more. In preparation for high speed devices (camcorder, Ipod)I bought and installed a usb 2.0 pci expansion card. Thing is, I'm not convinced it's working properly.

Ipod connected to USB 1.1 port: it identifies the Ipod correctly, stays connected, and music is transferred although a little slowly.
Windows nags that the device could work faster if connected to one of the available usb 2.0 ports, and lists them.

If I connect the Ipod to any of the new usb 2.0 ports I no longer get windows nagging me, but the connection is very flaky. It won't stay connected long enough to synchronise, identifies the Ipod only intermittently (it appears and disappears as a removable disk in windows explorer)

The usb 2.0 ports do appear to work with lower speed devices, and do recharge the Ipod, so they are not entirely useless, but do I have USB 2.0 or not?????

Any ideas? Have I got a duff card? Any way of testing it? Or is it just I tunes failing to get to grips with Windows when operating at usb 2.0 speeds

Althlon XP 2100+, mobo MSI K7T..... 512mb ram.
Win XP home SP2, latest via chipset drivers, flashed bios to latest version, device manager identifie the enhanced usb controller and claims it's working correctly and says the 2002 microsoft driver is the best. I have tried it in different pci slots but no difference, and it's not sharing an IRQ with anything else.

  jimv7 13:12 04 Jan 2006

Is the psu big enough to support the usb card, your problems could be due to not enough power being supplied the ipod, its best to get an external self powered usb hub.

Have you anything else connected to usb, if so disconnect all of these, then try the ipod.

  keef66 13:32 04 Jan 2006

It's a nearly new 380w antec so I don't think that's the problem. I had already tried disconnecting other USB devices, and it didn't make any difference.

  keef66 14:47 04 Jan 2006

It's a cheapy (£6.33) from Ebuyer based on an Ali chip. The equivalent Belkin card from Ebuyer costs £21.30, but I have read several bits of feedback from people who bought the cheap one first, regretted it, and replaced it with the Belkin which worked faultlessly. Unless anyone else has any bright ideas I think that's what I'll have to do.

  Stuartli 15:22 04 Jan 2006

USB 2.0 is backwards compatible, but you do require the USB drivers normally for individual USB 2.0 devices.

This link may prove helpful:

click here

  Gongoozler 15:23 04 Jan 2006

This NEC card comes highly recommended, especially for motherboards with VIA chipsets click here

  keef66 16:20 04 Jan 2006


I think I'd already read everything on the usbman site, and I have downloaded from there an Ali usb 2.0 driver update. Will try installing it tonight. However, having now read the other users' comments about the Ebuyer card I fear it won't make any difference.


Cards based on the NEC chipset have been successfully tested by usbman and Apple, so I might try your suggestion.

Thanks both

  ^wave^ 16:56 04 Jan 2006

i put a belkin in my old puter and it worked a dream if thats any help. try looking for updated drivers

  keef66 10:25 05 Jan 2006

The Ali usb 2.0 drivers from the usbman site seem to have done the trick. Ipod now stays connected and the new ports function at USB 2 speeds and power according to some test software I found on the web.

To their credit Ebuyer had already agreed to RMA the thing.

Thanks for the suggestions

  keef66 16:29 10 Jan 2006

now trying to synchronise the Ipod causes the pc to crash, windows has recovered from a serious error etc etc. post details to MS; reckons it's a driver problem. The card's on it's way back to Ebuyer now; asking for a (more costly) 2 port Belkin card which is actually listed by Apple as compatible with the Iplod.

See how much grief I get at the hands of Ebuyer's returns department!!

  keef66 10:49 16 Jan 2006

Ebuyer returns claim the original card's faulty so are sending a direct replacement. What if that's rubbish too? How many times do I have to go through this RMA procedure before I can have a refund or another more reputable product?

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