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  Southernboy 13:14 14 Oct 2005

Elsewhere in this Forum, I have been seeking advice on USB 2.0 drives (Hard Drives, Zip etc), as I have been experiencing what appears to be conflict problems.

It has been suggested to me that, with XP SP2, I do not actually need any software with USB 2.0 drives as the OS contains all the necessary software, drivers etc. If this is so, could I reconnect my 750Mb Zip drive, without installing any of the software, and use it to Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop files? It may well be that, without the Iomega software, it may become a fully functioning drive without any of the problems I have experienced.

I do have my doubts as I feel sure that if this were possible, someone would have suggested it by now.

  mattyc_92 17:18 14 Oct 2005

It SHOULD be alright.... One way to find out though.....

  Pidder 18:52 14 Oct 2005

XP finds my USBs ok without extra drivers. You just have to wait for messages saying "Found new hardware" and then telling you it's ready for use. Works with a card reader, external hard drive etc.No problems yet (touch wood).Have used them with Copy/Paste with no probs.

  jack 09:24 15 Oct 2005

XP has all it needs to read USB devices 1 or 2
However some devices have their own software which do little more than make them 'pretty'for example my internal Zip is simply another drive with the normal Windoze icon [which could be changed- if needed]
Hwever my multicard reader, which also delevered several standard drives - H I J K etc which I knew not what was which, with the software each has an card type logo CF SM XD MS etc.

  mark2 10:16 15 Oct 2005

I had the Iomega Zip 100 usb external drive when I had ME, on upgrading to XP no problems with recognising it as a drive, however IF the discs had been password protected and left protected using the Iomega s/ware before the upgrade then they were unreadable in XP, so unprotect them beforehand if you need access to the files.

Other than that Xp sees and writes to the drive with simple copy/paste drag'n'drop.

  Southernboy 23:10 15 Oct 2005

I am nothing if not cautious. I felt it would be wise to ask the question just in case. With so little knowledge I get nervous, probably foolishly so.

However, as the consensus seems to be connecting shouldn't cause any problems, I'll give it a go. Thanks to all for your help.

  Southernboy 23:16 15 Oct 2005

Jack - Your post was interesting. It has been suggested to me that a Card Reader might be a useful backup medium, and I have been researching it. In the Misco catalogue, there is a 19-in-1 Card Reader for under £10.00. Now that is very cheap. From what you say, does that mean I would get 19 additional drives shown?

  wee eddie 08:09 16 Oct 2005

Basic misunderstanding of what a Card Reader does.

A Card Reader reads the Memory Cards that folk use in their cameras. It's basically a Socket for Memory Cards. Nothing more

  Pidder 10:35 16 Oct 2005

Just to add to what wee eddie says, you can use a card in a card reader to transfer files to other PCs with card readers but you have to supply the actual cards separately from the reader.

  Southernboy 09:17 17 Oct 2005

once again, I did not explain myself properly. Sorry for that.

It was suggested that I buy a card reader and a number of SD cards. I am told I can use the SD cards (in the card reader) as backup media, in the same way as floppy or removable discs, which can be used again and again. Apparently these are available up to 1Gb in size, so this seems to be an ideal solution.

However, I do not have a digital camera and have never seen SD cards so I do not know if there are any flaws in this suggestion. It does seem almost too good to be true.

  ventanas 10:01 17 Oct 2005

Yes , you can use them like this, but I would try just one first before buying a supply.

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