usb 2.0

  blaupraust 22:00 24 Nov 2005

My current pc has only got usb connections, so I was looking at getting a usb 2 card, but I dont want to go out and buy one unless I'm sure my motherboard will support it. do they just go in a normal slot? I'm using a SOLTEK 75FRV 1.0 if that's any help.

  woodchip 22:06 24 Nov 2005

My current pc has only got usb connections, Do you mean not got usb?

  blaupraust 22:09 24 Nov 2005

No, I mean it only has usb, not usb 2

  Diemmess 22:12 24 Nov 2005

As long as you have a PCI slot clear, the USB card will fit.
Your operating system though, should be Win 98Se or later

  woodchip 22:17 24 Nov 2005

I have tried USB2 on 98se and cannot get it to Work. the new Motherboard as all USB sockets but only will run as USB1 you need XP for usb2 but hears a USB2 card with Firewire for if you get a Firewire drive or Camcorder click here

  Cuddles 22:18 24 Nov 2005

click here according to this your board has usb 2.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 24 Nov 2005

In device manager under USB devices look for the word "enhanced"

This means the USB2 drivers are loaded

  woodchip 22:26 24 Nov 2005

If it's a Via Chipset you can download Via USB2 drivers for Win98se Mine is a SIS chipset

  Simsy 23:35 24 Nov 2005

WIn98 doesn't have built in support for USB2, but if you get a USB2 pci card it should have the drivers for win98. This will mean it will run USB2 at USB2 speeds.

To answer your original question, simply... Yes, it will go in a "normal" slot, if by "normal" you mean "pci", (and I'm sure you do!)



  woodchip 11:20 25 Nov 2005

If your Motherboard as a Via Chipset you can get USB2 Rivers that should enable the USB2 that you already have on the board, without going out to by more. But if not, do the above

  blaupraust 12:18 25 Nov 2005

i'm running win xp, i'm updating my pc soon anyway, i'll just give it a try.

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