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USB 2 and USB 3

  baldyx 11:52 30 Oct 2013

Will all the devices currently connected via USB 2 work when connected to USB 3 on a new pc I am thinking of buying?

  Pine Man 16:45 30 Oct 2013

From experience I would say a definite NO but as Jock1e says you will undoubtedly have USB2 sockets as well as USB3 on your new PC.

My problem arose with a new 1TB external hard drive and a new PC with USB2 & USB3 sockets, The drive would not work with USB3 but worked perfectly with USB2. The makers of both the HDD and PC said it happens from time to time and know one seems to know the reason.

  chub_tor 17:05 30 Oct 2013

I think you will find that most devices designed to run on USB2 will work on USB3 but not the other way round. Backwards compatibility is usually considered a requirement for any new device but not forward compatibility so that devices designed to work in USB3 slots may not work in USB2.

  Number six 23:20 30 Oct 2013

I have only had a problem with this once; updating USB drivers from manufacturer's website fixed it.

  QuizMan 23:43 30 Oct 2013

baldyx The simple answer to your question is YES. That is my current configuration when I upgraded my motherboard and all works well for me.

I have just ordered an internal USB3 4-port hub and external USB hard drive and that is being delivered tomorrow. I think you need USB3 cables to get USB3 connectivity, otherwise it it works at USB2/USB1 speed as appropriate.

  baldyx 11:11 05 Nov 2013

Thanks all for the help!

  iscanut 11:18 05 Nov 2013

Yes..they should all be backwards compatible.

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